Update Archive 08/2002 – 06/2003

I just put up a really cool and useful page — The GSN On Air Guide Date Calculator! It generates URLs for any date, so you can view past schedules! There is also a companion article explaining how it works! They are both located in the articles section!


I also added tom3 and bossradio93 to the contributors page. It’s one of those “I can’t believe I forgot them!” cases. If you don’t know what they’ve done, go read the page!


Finally, as promised, the site name has changed! Check out the new logo! This site is now known as the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con! I told ya the irony wouldn’t be lost on me. Ok, so it’s just a temporary thing until I get a real name. Contest is still open if anyone has any ideas! I’m waiting to put up a bunch of audio clips with transcripts *cough cough*.

First of all, there are new pictures up! The transcript for “It Happened to Jane” now has updated HIGH QUALITY pictures! I felt this was a pretty important one, being the only color IGaS out there, so I updated it first. I will be updating all of the transcripts with better pictures eventually, as I’ve probably said a million times already.


There are new sections up! There is a section for other people’s contributions, where you get your name listed with whatever you’ve submitted or done for this site. There is also an articles section, for anything at all that people feel like writing. Check that section for more details. There are three articles up already.

I’ve also fixed some things. Some of the links were messed up because of the new version, but I fixed the ones that I found. There still might be some links that aren’t working, so please email me if you find any. I also just realized that the About this Site and About the Show pages were totally messed up. A lot of the text was bold when it wasn’t supposed to be. So…I fixed that too. If you notice anything weird like that, please tell me about it, because a lot of stuff on this site is automatic, and if that gets messed up and I don’t realize it, it can affect a lot of pages.


It’s the official Rename This Site Contest! Why do I want to rename this site? Well it’s pretty simple. When I first made this site, it was basically just posts that I had made on the GSN board. This site has expanded more than I had thought, and contains a lot of other people’s images and things. Not only that, but I love the idea of community projects, where everyone contributes. This site would not be what it is now without those other people. I’m still going to be running this site and putting up as much as I can, but I would really like other people to submit images, articles, bios, etc. I would like the name of this site to reflect that. So, here are…


  • Must be a single word
  • Must be easy to pronounce
  • Must sound cool
  • Must suggest community or a group effort
  • Then, either A:

  • Must be an acronym
  • Must contain “igas” in the word
  • Or B:

  • Must be a combination of two or more words

For instance, if it were type A, it could be something like “igastic,” being an acronym for “I’ve Got a Secret: The Internet Community” or something. An example of type B is something like “SecComPro,” being a combination of “Secret Community Project.” Of course, that’s a terrible word, so I would never use it, but you get the idea. Your entry doesn’t HAVE to follow those rules…I mean if it’s a really good idea, then of course I’ll consider it. To submit your entry, just post it in one of these threads that I have created:

The Big Board
Game Show Network Forum

If you don’t have an account on either of those boards, email me your entry!

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do realize that irony in this contest if very few people enter it. It’s a contest about making this site a community thing, and then no one enters. So I guess this is the first test, to see if people are actually interested in this idea. If not, I’ll still keep putting up what I can, but there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know about or don’t have access to, and that’s where everyone else comes in.

So what do you get if you win? Well…you get your name posted on this site in BIG BOLD LETTERS! You also get the joy of knowing you helped out, and every time anyone mentions the name of this site, you can secretly think to yourself, “that was my idea.” Ok, well I can’t send you anything physical, but I might be able to give you access to exciting mysterious secret areas of this site or something. There is one other thing though. I have a bunch of new stuff to put up, new transcripts WITH AUDIO CLIPS! I’m not going to put them up until this site is renamed however. So, the sooner someone submits a winning entry, the sooner that stuff will go up! This also means that this contest has no time limit. It may run for only a few days, or it may run for a week or two. Basically, as soon as I get an entry I really like, the contest ends. If I get a lot of good entries, I might make a poll and then everyone can vote. If I don’t get any entries at all, I’m changing the name to “Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con,” just to confuse people.

HUGE UPDATE! Wow. I’m exhausted. I started this update on 4/27, and have done NOTHING else since (with the exception of two days where I was away from home)! I mean that literally, too, because I don’t go to school, and I work at home. I have completely re-coded the ENTIRE site! Lots of stuff added, much more will be added in the near future. I basically had to make this whole site over again, except for some of the images (but those are going to change soon too), and obvious text like the transcripts. Sleep for ten minutes, code some more, sleep for ten minutes….

You may have noticed a few changes in the layout, but there are actually many more changes you can’t see. I’ve converted the whole site to PHP and CSS. Basically all that means is that everything is better and cooler looking. PHP and CSS can do a lot of neat things, which I discuss in the Site Features portion of the ABOUT section.


As far as actual content goes, practically EVERYTHING has been updated! I was going to release this earlier, but then I decided to just go all out and update as much as I could. The easiest way is to just go read every section, because it would just be repetitive to talk about them all here! However, I’ll comment briefly on the new stuff. There is a brand new … *drumroll* … BIOGRAPHIES SECTION! I had been meaning to do that for a long time, and finally did it. I feel like I’m in school again, because I wanted fairly short bios, so I had to research it and write them myself. See the section for more information, and see how you can help! There is also a new CREDITS section. The ABOUT section has been updated with a ton of new information about the various versions of the show and stuff about this site.


I now have virtually every episode on tape that GSN airs, minus a few that I missed the first time around. So now I’ll have more time (and a VCR that isn’t dedicated to taping IGaS every night) to do some new transcripts and things. Of course I still have a million other things to do, but seeing the “good” episodes on tv again has inspired me to work on this site more.


In other news, thanks to a post by GarryMooreFan, I found out that Betsy Palmer is scheduled to appear at the Williamsburg Film Festival! You can get autographs and pictures taken with her! It will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, from March 11 – 13, 2004. I live in Chicago, so it’s not very likely that I will be going, unfortunately. Betsy would be the only reason for me to go, anyway. If anyone is going, PLEASE get some pictures or something and scan them for me! I know it’s a long way away, but I thought I’d post it. I’ll try to remember to post a reminder again later when it gets closer to the date. Remember, she’s not guaranteed to be there of course, but she is on the list. You can read all about the festival at their official site:
Williamsburg Film Festival Info

Wow, I don’t get to post any current news very often, so this is really cool. It almost makes me feel like I’m making a fansite about something that DIDN’T happen fifty years ago!

Ok, well that’s it for now, quit reading this and GO CHECK OUT ALL THE NEW STUFF!

I haven’t forgotten about this site! Seriously! This site is in NO way dead, and WILL be updated, but I don’t know when. I have been taping every IGaS episode, and have been watching them trying to catch up. I almost have every (shown) episode on tape, and once that happens it will be easier for me to update. I have a better way to take screenshots, so I’ll probably upgrade the current transcripts with better and bigger pics, and put up more transcripts as well. Audio clips, and maybe even some video clips are also coming! Any updates will definitely be posted on the GSN board, but it never hurts to check this site often as well. (:

Pictures and transcript of “It Happened To Jane” IGaS scene are up! Check it out if you’d like to see what IGaS looks like in color! Not the best quality, but at least it’s there. I will get better pictures eventually.

Thanks to Dave Jones for sending me a bunch of scans of his autographed photos, tickets, TV guide covers, etc! They’re all in the pictures section!

A bunch of pictures are up with three new transcripts! Two of my favorite secrets! The transcripts page also has a new layout! Not the best quality pictures, but they’re ok. In the future I will get a better way of capturing screenshots, but for now this is adequate.

This was when the actual site premiered (version 1.0), with graphics and nice formatting and all the rest. Version 1.0 was straight HTML with SSI. Still not a lot of content, just the transripts and things with no pictures. Version 1.1 came a little later, and the only major change was the left menu “diamonds” changed to a beveled 3D look.

Obviously this update was never actually on the original site, because the site wasn’t even up yet! But, for anyone who is interested, I figured I’d put up a little bit of history of how it all started. This was the day I put up four transcripts. They were white-background black-text nothing-special text transcripts, but it was the start of this site. They were just posts that I had made on the Game Show Network forum, describing some of the good secrets that were on. Someone had asked about one of the secrets months later, so I found my old posts and put them up. Having no homepage and really ugly pages motivated me to finish the “real” site.

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