IGaS on DVD! In COLOR! Sorta.

While we’re all still waiting for IGaS to be released on DVD (not holding my breath), you can at least get a taste. “Lucy’s Really Lost Moments” is on DVD (see image at left), and contains a couple segments. The first one has Lucy as the guest. It is in color, although is looks to be colorized in post-production (though I could be wrong):

02/15/1961 – Lucy’s secret is that she’s trying to get the panel to imitate her, through the power of suggestion. Johnny Carson was sitting in for Bill. This is the order of the panelists, with Lucy’s “moods”:

Betsy: Excited, Happy (Betsy pretty much guesses in, but Garry doesn’t want to ruin the whole thing, so he lies and says that’s not it)
Henry: Dignified, Sad
Bess: Nervous
Carson: Romantic, Tipsy

Lucy (while acting tipsy) asks Johnny Carson if he’s married, and he replies with the great line, “My story’s the same as yours.” (Remember, this was in 1961, less than a year after her divorce.)

The sponsor on Garry’s desk is Clairol, and the sponsor on the panel is Bufferin.

02/08/1956 – Black and white. This is found in the bonus features. Lucy replaces Faye Emerson on the panel, Desi is the guest. Jayne, Bill, and Henry are the other panelists. Desi’s secret is, “I love Lucy.” All the panelists pass, so it’s entirely up to Lucy to guess. Contains the Winston ad at the beginning.

The DVD also contains other clips, including Desi and Lucy on “What’s My Line?” as the mystery guests. You can find more info at the Amazon link above. You can also help support this site if you purchase it through that link.

Also, I found a recent interview with Betsy Palmer, if you’re interested. Don’t expect her to talk about IGaS though. There is also an older interview with her, farther down the page.

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