IGaS on (homemade) DVDs for sale!

Bob sends this message:

Hey Tommy, i thought you might like to know that Thomas Film Classics, www.thomasfilmclassics.com has a LOT of IGAS on DVD, i contacted them and bought them all for about $130 including shipping, the quality is excellent altho you can see they were originally taped off of black and white overnight, but who cares? Well worth checking out!

Thanks Bob! That is a bit pricey, but Vol. 1 claims it contains 39 episodes, so that’s about a dollar per episode if you’d like to think of it that way. It takes a lot of clicks to actually navigate to the IGaS store, but you should be able to get straight to the IGaS section with this link. Three volumes are currently available, and they also have some other game shows if you’re interested.

One Response to “IGaS on (homemade) DVDs for sale!”

  1. Bob says:

    Theyve added volume 4 and 5 now!

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