Note from Christine

My 4 sisters and I were on the Jan 1 show, 1958! We had our braids cut off by 5 top hairstylists in New York City! We were a singing group and performed a short number on the show, with my proud Dad accompanying us! I believe we could say that we were the FIRST MAKEOVERS on television!!! They cut and styled our hair in about 20 min. My sisters and I always had long braids and this was our first professional haircut and styling!
Now, all these years later, all 5 of us would love to have another makeover!

Christine Hayden (# 4 out of the 5 Singing Hayden Sisters!)

Thanks, Christine!

One Response to “Note from Christine”

  1. Bob F says:

    Thats great! I wish we had a clip of that episode OR the entire episode!

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