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I’m in the process of collecting as many links as I can to YouTube videos of specific IGaS episodes or show segments and adding those links to the episode guide. Several dozen such links to videos have been added to the guide already. If you like, you can post here to inform me of additional YouTube links, although I may already be aware of them and have simply not got around to them yet. I also have the capacity to add videos. If you’ve ever written to this site because you or your relatives appeared on the show on a specific date, and there is not already a YouTube video of that episode, I hope to be able to provide one in the near future.

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  1. Rick Guttersohn says:

    Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply. No apologies needed, Im just glad episodes will continue to be uploaded to YouTube. For me the episode request is a bit bittersweet as i only found out about my wifes grandfather being on IGAS (Episode 329 10/1/58) at her funeral. Would love to be able to present the episode to her siblings and our children. When you upload the episode (assuming it is available to upload,) can you let me know, or should I just check now and again?

  2. Richard Carson says:

    I have 7 requests that I’m going to try to get to soon in the order received. I just uploaded the Dieter Dengler segment requested on April 26. Until I get caught up, I will announce the others here as I do them so that people know.

  3. Rick Guttersohn says:

    Thanks Richard!

  4. Pete Carrico says:

    I have a friend who was on the show I think in 1957 as the youngest winner of a motorboat race or something like that. His name is Edgar “Tiger” Petrini.
    I found the video sometime about two years ago but have not been able to read locate it since.
    Thank you,
    Pete Carrico

  5. Richard Carson says:

    The C.R. Hutchison segment requested on May 2 has been uploaded and should be viewable at

  6. Richard Carson says:

    The segment with Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Barry requested on July 14 has been uploaded to

  7. Jim M. says:

    Now that a relatively new television channel called “Buzzr” is airing classic game show episodes, I would advise either recording those over-the-air or else waiting to see if others sell sets on eBay or iOffer of the Buzzr episodes of game shows before investing in older GSN edits of these same shows.

    The method to my madness is the Buzzr episodes of classic Goodson-Todman panel game shows (and the channel is airing the G-T “Big Three” of “I’ve Got a Secret,” “To Tell the Truth” and “What’s My Line?”in two programming blocks each weekday, as well one block on Saturday afternoons) appear unedited, include original sponsor spots as well the bumper segments (by Garry Moore, Bud Collyer, and John Daly) introducing the commercials by such sponsors as Dream Whip (Kraft Foods) and Hertz Rent-a-Car for “IGaS,” Anacin and Dristan (Whitehall Laboratories) and Easy-Off, and AeroWax (Boyle-Midway), at the time both subsidiaries of American Home Products, for “TTtT,” and Remington Rand and Stopette for “WML?”

    Honestly, these Buzzr episodes of Goodson-Todman game shows are as close as one may get to how the shows appeared when they originally aired on CBS in the 1950s and ’60s. Buzzr schedules the G-T “Big Three” in four-hour blocks, so it may show two episodes each and retain the original sponsor spots as well present-day commercials that pay the bills. The game show episodes themselves have a combined total running time of just under three hours, the remaining hour plus devoted to classic and current commercials.

    Buzzr is, so far, airing in only a few dozen media markets, most of them FOX owned-and-operated affiliates. The classic game shows channel, like other OTA channels with a niche format (such as Antenna, Decades, GRIT, MeTV, and MOVIES!), is carried on digital sub-channels of established local affiliate stations.
    My only complaint about Buzzr, thus far, is it does tend to repeat the same game show episodes through more than one daily cycle. Ideally, no episodes would be rerun after one 24-hour period, until each particular game show has aired its full library of episodes.

  8. Megan (Conlow) Sunday says:

    Could you please post week 369, aired on July 8, 1959, segment described as “Twin girls Stephanie and Megan Conlow, Teaneck, NJ: “The State Department is sending me to Russia to model American fashions.” I tripped coming onto the stage, and my mother said it brought down the house…thanks!

  9. Richard Carson says:

    I discovered that I am still able to log in and make updates to this copy of the episode guide, so it is once again current.

    I’ll be uploading Rick Guttersohn’s requested episode later today, and once that’s done, Megan Conlow is next in line.

  10. Amanda Sheehan says:

    I would like to request an episode that aired on 6/4/58. My grandparents Helen and Bob Sheehan were contestants, and they won! My father informed me of this, and since then I have been scouring the Internet with no luck. Both of my grandparents have passed and I would love to get a hold of this footage for my father and I to enjoy. Thank you for your time! Xox Amanda

  11. John Madsen says:

    I was a false contestant on the daytime TV show in 1965, posing as a Vietnam returneee (which I was) by the name of Rick Rodan, who was saved from death under fire by a packet of love letters in his helmet. Punch line was, “PS, I married the girl.” At the time I was dating the young woman, Penny Gray, who booked false contestants for Goodson-Todman. Is it possible to locate this episode? Many thanks.

  12. Pat Spears says:

    Please upload to youtube episode 475. My neighbor was Arthur Pugsley.

  13. Anne Hall says:

    I’d love a youtube clip of Eve Morgan singing Waterboy from the episode featuring relatives of celebrities.
    Thanks very much.

  14. I am looking for the episoned which featured Cliff Judkins who was the Marine pilot that bailed out from is burning F8 Crusader and his chute didn’t open and he fell 15,000 feet and lived. Aired around 1964-65-66.

  15. Benjamin says:

    Looking for the episode from 9/9/1959, specifically the John Kresse segment as the first boy at Boys Town (or Jan Kressy as he’s listed some places). Thank you!

  16. Ken Gerard says:

    eek 472, 6/28/61
    Sponsor: Winston

    Kathleen McKuen, Westbury, Long Island: The local police emergency squad rushed to her aid because “My finger was stuck in a bowling ball.”
    Guest Jerry Lewis: Panelists are tested

    Can you please post this segment I work with Kathleen she has all the article clippings but not the broadcast

  17. DJ Bahmuller says:

    I would love to see the episode where my father and mother appeared. It aired on November 11, 1963. Andrew and Mary Ann Fischer. If you can find it, the whole family would be so grateful.
    Thank you.

  18. Tess Wagner says:


    How lovely that you have access to these wonderful episodes! I would love to see Gloria Swanson’s appearances on the August 28th, 1952 episode and the August 24th, 1960. Thank you!!!

  19. Michelle Poulin Northrup says:

    My step-great-grandfather was Joe Casey, the strongman lifting piano and player in episode 426. He married my great grandmother, Lottie Kelley, and my father and aunts and uncles remember him fondly. I thought I had seen it before, but in all my searches I have not found his episode on line. If you have access and are able, I would love to have a clip of Joe to show my dad. :)

  20. Laura says:

    Hi there,

    Sorry to trouble you. I was wondering if you can upload the episode about the Barmakian identical twin brothers marrying identical twin sisters. I believe the episode aired in 1959. They are my aunts and I would love to see a clip.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Barbara Marschke says:

    Could you upload to You Tube, the segment of I’ve got a Secret that had 5 or 6 ladies who were celebrating their 50th high school reunion and were the only members of their graduating class? I am attending my 50th high school reunion in 3 weeks and would love to share/recreate this. It aired on Monday, May 16th in the Atlanta area.

    Thank you.

  22. Hello. I am looking for an episode in which (I believe) one of my mentors was a guest. His name was Jack Meager and he was a masseur. His secret was that he massaged horses. I’m fairly confident the episode was aired prior to the 1968 Olympic Games at which he was the official masseur for the USA Olympic Equestrian Team.

    Can you please contact me with any information about this episode? I am delivering a keynote address at a massage convention in October 2016 and would love to feature a clip of this episode during my talk. Jack was truly a pioneer and a legend in our field–and this would fit nicely with the theme of the convention: “Honoring the legends; Embracing the future”.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  23. Richard Carson says:

    Barbara Marschke: You seem to be describing the segment from Week 518, 5/14/62, which I already uploaded on 5/17/13.

  24. Eric Stuart says:

    I would love to see the episode where Henry’s song Is It True of False is played on the Hammond organ and sung by Garry and the audiece. Thank yuou

  25. Marc Bierack says:

    Can you please upload episode 728 from 5-23-1966 to youtube. My father is Harold Bierack appearing on that show with about 24 women he was the best man at all their weddings. Later in the show Betsy and Bess must pick out a man who will be the 50th groom my father is soon to be best man for. I have a few photos I will upload to your website shortly of my father with all the ladies onstage and a few backstage with Steve Allen, Betsy, Bess, Hugh O’Brian and Shelly Winters. Thank you very much.

  26. Jay Kerr says:

    Please upload episode #706, man as chorus girl. He performs in ensemble singing a song I wrote, “The Christmas Time of Year.” Thanks.

  27. Sharon Kern says:

    I would like to see the episode with the Native American chieftain that was one of the three men that posed for the Indian Head Nickel. Thank you.

  28. Chris Roche says:

    I am trying to find the episode in which a guest singer, a young African-American man, would make-up a song and sing it upon someone giving him a topic. He sung a short song for each of the four panelists. He was extremely talented. I do not know his name and I love to find that episode. Can anyone help me? Gary Moore was the host. I believe the episode was from the early 1960’s. Thank you very much in advance, I really appreciate it.

  29. Arnold Pernell says:

    Hi Richard,
    My father, Rev. James H. Pernell, Sr., was on IGaS 04/01/59 (week 355). The guest star was Jane Powell. His secret was “I fell asleep listening to my own sermon.” I remember that he had recorded his sermon, took the recording home, leaned back in his lounge chair to listen to the sermon and fell to sleep. His secret was submitted to IGaS by the church secretary. I am now 69 years old and would love to show the video to my 5 grandchildren and other surviving family members. I would greatly appreciate it if you can locate and post this episode (if available).

  30. Tony B. says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m grew up in the town of Bayonne, NJ. I recently watched the episode about the .69 Cents house located at 650 Ave. C in Bayonne, NJ. Can you PLEASE upload the following episode? My mom and dad would be amazed seeing this episode! Thank you in advance!

    Tony B.

    Week 497, 12/18/61

    Sponsor: Contac
    Director: Franklin Heller
    Associate Director: Alvin R. Mifelow
    Technical Director: Vernon Gamble
    Lighting: Sal Bonsignore
    Production Manager: William Egan
    1.Garry wants to make it up to Bess for not having time to give her a Christmas present last week. He conducts a business transaction with Al Terry, signing a document and paying Terry 69 cents. He has just bought Bess “A 15-room house in Bayonne, New Jersey.” There is a small catch, however: Bess owns only the house itself and not the land it is on, which Terry intends to turn into a parking lot for his supermarket across the street. Bess has 30 days to get the house off the property. See also 1/8/62.

  31. Jordan MacDonald says:

    Hello! I’d love to present my father with his I’ve got a Secret link for Christmas! I know it’s only a week away but if there’s any way you could I’d be incredibly grateful! He has been looking for this for years.

    He is on Week 626, 6/8/64 and the segment is “Dave Judacie and Kelly McDonald, El Cerrito, CA: “We’re going to launch our own earth satellite.” It is designed to gather information about the aurora borealis.”

    Thank you so much for your time!!

  32. Brenda Farrell Muoio says:

    I would like to see 3/14 /66 with Wayne Farrell who is my brother.He is now 83 and has had a stroke.We are gathering at my house for Christmas and our family would be very interested!!


  33. I’m looking for a segment from 12/11/1957 “We Live In Walla Walla” featuring my dad before I was born.

    Thank you for your time.

  34. Caryn O'Connor says:

    My uncle, Arthur Markoff, was on Week 333 (10/29/58). His daughters and I were too young to view the episode but we would love to see his segment as it was spoken of throughout the years. We lost my uncle a few years ago but I would love to surprise my cousins and the rest of our families. If you could post his segment for us it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  35. Sandy says:

    Episode aired April 12,1965 …Igor B.BENSEN guest,inventor of the Gyrocopter,from Raleigh, NC, the information says Royal NC,but is is definitely Raleigh, NC. Mr.BENSEN passed away Feb 2000. I am married to his son,Richard. We have no footage on his father, I would love to surprise my husband. Thanking you in advance.

  36. I was on “I’ve Got a Secret” in April 1958 when I was about 2 1/2 years old, I was born June 4, 1955.

    I think that they saw my mom and I, then they were blind-folded, then I was put into the “Kiddy Car'” where the barber started to cut my hair.

    Kitty Carlisle guessed that I was getting my first haircut.

    The box of the reel shows April 1958, with number 381-34. I have the reel of 16 mm film, CVS made a video, but it has no sound, so, it is useless.

    The link with the picture of the barber, Gary Moore, my mom, and myself, plus the picture with 4 shots after it was done, plus other pictures of me about that time frame,

    I would like to be able to share this episode with the many people I help, as I love to talk about it, and people love the story and would like to see more than the pictures.

    If someone requires my permission before the episode can air on Buzzr, or any other place, I give my permission and authorization to air it with no restrictions.

    Wishing you all the best.

  37. Jimmy says:

    I’m looking for an episode which featured Richard (Dick) Lawson, who built a plane in his house in New Jersey. He then flew that plane.
    I believe the episode was filmed in 1962-1965.

  38. Katy Gaylord says:

    I would like to see week 515 April 23, 1962 on YouTube. My father, Bill Gaylord, was on the show. He and our mother have passed, but all their kids and several grandchildren would love to see the show! I am really hoping you can do this for us. Thanks, Katy

  39. Tom Gwalthney says:

    Looking for the show with Bernard Gwalthney graduated from La Salle night school, while supporting 12 children. It was early 1960`s. Host: Gary Moore, Panelist: Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Meyerson. I`m the youngest of the children still alive and I would love to view and share this with my siblings. I`m 57 so time is a factor.
    Thank you, Tom

  40. Judy Cameron Nunez says:


    My father Donald Cameron (not John Cameron as listed) participated in the episode below, and my family and I would love be able to access it on Youtube and possibly purchase it in the future. He passed away in ’95 and this would be wonderful to share with the extended family. Thank you very much!!, Judy

    Here is the episode information:

    Week 495, 12/4/61
    Sponsor: Dream Whip
    Director: Franklin Heller
    Associate Director: Alvin R. Mifelow
    Technical Director: Vernon Gamble
    Lighting: Ralph Holmes
    Production Manager: William Egan

    John Cameron, Weston, CT, Union Carbide engineer: A partially concealed Pat McCormick is being held in the air by “A magnet.” Henry guesses, going third.

  41. Judy Cameron Nunez says:

    Hi, again!!
    I just posted above and sleuthed around youtube with the help of your blog, now having the episode and date, and found the specific show my father was in! Thank you so much!!

    I will pass the link on to my family members. I wonder, rather than relying on YouTube, is a video file of that segment available, that could be emailed to me directly?

    Thank you!

  42. craig moodie says:

    Any one know how to get an episode uploaded to you tube or any other way to be able to see an episode? My uncle (Wayne Ferrell) was a contestant on week 718 (March 14th, 1966) with his snake Anderson. Most of our family hasn’t seen this.

  43. On February 5, 2017, I posted that I was on “I’ve Got A Secret” in April 1958 when i was 2 1/2 years old.
    I was wrong with the date. What confused me was the date on the box turned out to be the expirartion date to develop it.

    I went through the records, it was what I originally believed, First week or so of April 1957, not 1958.

    The “SECRET” was that I was getting my first haircut, a big mop of blond curly hair. the women panelists were quite upset that my hair was being cut, haaa haaa

    I would like to be able to make this available to the people I help. I created the “Natinal Cancer Research Foundation” as a result of my pancreatic cancer when i was 21 years old in 1976. I thought that this would help the many people I help to smile

    When you scroll down to the 4 images horizontally on one picture, those are the pictures from the studio. You can see the other pictures prior to the haircut.


    Fred Eichhorn

  44. Tom McMahon says:

    I saw a partial clip of Week 550 in Dec. 24, 1962 on You Tube. Do you have more of that episode. Salvation Army band

  45. Victoria Lockridge says:

    I would love to have the episode of ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ with Edmond O’Brien put up on YouTube. It originally aired on 1-20-60 and was from Season 9, Episode 3. Thank you!!

  46. John Perkins says:

    Could you please post the one with Francis Johnson, the twine ball guy?

    Week 305, 4/16/58

    Director: Paul Alter
    Associate Producer: Chester Feldman
    Program Staff: Roger Peterson, Judy Crichton
    Program Supervisor: Howard Merrill

    Francis A. Johnson, Darwin, MN: “This string is 997 miles long.”
    Joseph Burger, Bronx: “I invented elevated shoes (1937).”
    Guest Cornel Wilde: Does the old magician’s trick of sticking swords through a box, which in this case has Garry in it. Henry guesses, going last.

  47. Jenesa Vivas says:

    Week 428, 8/24/60 episode

    My grandfather, Bob Lamons (his name is misspelled in the episode description on here), was in the above mentioned episode. There are links to other portions of that episode but not his. Is there any way to get that clip? He is now 91 and it would be amazing to find that for him!

  48. Dennis Douglas says:

    [Request to have episode posted to YouTube] Saw episode 596 of 11/11/1963. Features ‘first man in the US Air Force’ who actually worked with the Wright Brothers! He was in 90s at time of this show. My brother-in-law is retired USAF major and retired teacher. He would dearly love to see this interview. Any chance you could post to YouTube or inform me if it’s available – haven’t been able to spot it.
    Jack E. Leonard is also on the show. His 7/1/63 episode is avail. but can’t find this 11/11/63 one.
    Thank You! Dennis

  49. Ines says:

    Hey, I would love to see another version of Ray Kurzweil’s episode on 2/15/1965. There is one up online but quality isn’t great. Thank you!

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