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I’m in the process of collecting as many links as I can to YouTube videos of specific IGaS episodes or show segments and adding those links to the episode guide. Several dozen such links to videos have been added to the guide already. If you like, you can post here to inform me of additional YouTube links, although I may already be aware of them and have simply not got around to them yet. I also have the capacity to add videos. If you’ve ever written to this site because you or your relatives appeared on the show on a specific date, and there is not already a YouTube video of that episode, I hope to be able to provide one in the near future.

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  1. Vonnie Stevenson says:

    My grandmother was on the show – her secret was that she gave Henry Morgan a bath.
    Her name was Maude Runkle.
    I have not been able to find the episode and I have tried for years.
    If you could help – I would really appreciate it.
    It’s family history and the family is slipping away.
    I know I saw it … I just can’t find it.

  2. Betsy M. says:

    It would be fun to see Week 388, 11/18/59 with guest star Joel McCrea. I enjoy going to his ranch which is now a public park.

  3. Will says:

    I’m trying to find the scene from the 2000 Oxygen version that had Charro taking over as the host. I’d really appreciate it!

  4. Mark Nickel says:

    Please post the Olympic Gold Medalist Power Lifter, Paul Anderson’s episode. He backlifts the entire panel on a specially designed table. Thank you.

  5. Vonnie Stevenson says:

    My Grandmother was on the show and I am desperately trying to find it. Her secret was that she gave Henry Morgan a BATH. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it so much.

  6. Leonard Kaye says:

    My wife and I were in the audience for the show with Louis Heilbroner’s secret. Gary Moore spoke to us after his secret, that he married 49 couples without knowing that his license had accidentally not been renewed.We were one of those couples.Now we have been married for 64 years, and would love to get a copy of thats how. it was week 288

  7. Herb Bergson says:

    My cousin was on the show in 1966. His secret was that he was the first American born player in the National Hockey League. Our family would love a copy of that show. I saw it once, but I’d like to be able to have one on my computer and share it with the rest of the kids.

  8. Jim Kolkman says:

    My mother and father in-law were part of a 6 dutch couples from the same family to be married on the same day. 4/18/56 is what I can find from your episodes week 201. I can’t access it on youtube to show family and friends. Thanks for your help

  9. diane says:

    My Dad was on the show but the neighbor I was staying with would not put it on. I was heartbroken. He was in the group called the San Francisco Boys with Cliff Stewart probabaly in ’65-68.

  10. Caroline M. says:

    Hi there,

    My grandfather (Stanley Meuser) was on the show sometime between ’58 and ’61. He was on with NYPD cops dressed as decoys. I believe the secret had something to do with him being dressed as a woman. He was from Long Island, NY.

    Thank you!

  11. Pat Maciejewski says:

    Looking for episode 514 of season 15 dated 16 April 1962 it includes guys from the Nautilus. Can you upload it for viewing, this year is an anniversary for Nautilus

  12. Pat Maciejewski says:

    Looking for episode in Oct thru Nov 1957 that included crew members from USS Nautilus (SSN 571). They had completed 20,000 leagues under the sea. Please upload to you tube. Thanks

  13. looking for episode from the 1960’s about a neighbor who built an airplane in his living room and later flew himself as a pilot

  14. Patricia E Freeze says:

    Have been looking for episode from week 506 which aired on 2/19/62. The guest was James Garner and he showed some old videos. The panelists had to guess the results of the video. Please upload it to Youtube. Thanks.

  15. Melinda says:

    I am looking for week 300. Early March 1958. Do you have this one? I know an 88 yr old woman and her husband and mother were on the show. His secret was he had to salute his mother in law.

  16. Troy A. Clark says:

    I am in search of a particular segment from the June 14, 1965 airing. One of the contestants is Frank Ryan, a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns but also has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is a professor. He was a professor at Case Western Reserve University, the school I’m currently attending right now for my Ph.D. in mathematics. It would be nice to see that segment and give a little more history of our department (since no one knows much of anything past 1975).

  17. Caroline says:

    Please post episode 12/2/1963 on to youtube.

  18. Mo says:

    Could you please post to YouTube the second tribute to the movies for Hollywood’s 50th anniversary from November 20, 1957? TYIA!

  19. Randolph Roeder says:

    hi ! …… could you post the episode w/
    Helen Kane ?

  20. Chris Blaylock says:

    My Grandather Oran Nicks was on an episode airing on January 29th 1962. I stumbled upon this knowledge, and I’m trying to locate a video to upload to the family, or purchase multiple copies to send to my Mom and all her siblings. I’ve found his name spelled “Orrin Nix” on a couple of websites while searching for this episode. Can you help me out?

  21. My daughter, Pam, wonder if you could up load Week 696,10/11/65? She is collecting tidbits on me (I am now,90 years old!! I might purchase a copy for her birthday!!

  22. Lee Mason says:

    I’m looking for the show my grandparents were on. Their secret was that they had 100 grandchildren. Their names: M/M William J Kline. Guest star was Bob Hope.

  23. Sallyanne Twitchell Poirier says:

    I would like to view the episode which aired on 1/31/1966 with Lester and Cora Twitchell. They were my grandparents.

  24. Ron Schneider says:

    I am interested in being able to download or getting a copy of the 1/29/1962 episode. Tommy Gun recently posted my submittal about my parents’ appearance on that day’s show: . The guest was Michel de la Vega and the panel is listed as “regular,” which I presume means Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, and Bess Meyerson. Gary Moore hosted. Like the story of my parents’ wedding two days before their appearance on the show, I see another amazing coincidence here – just a few months ago, a person named Chris Blaylock also requested this episode because his grandfather was on it. What are the odds?

  25. Nancy Guttas Macdonald says:

    Any chance you are able to download Show 626 I think it was on June 8, 1964. The Main star Robert Merrill, the opera singer. I can see his portion of the episode on youtube but my husband was on it and we can’t find the whole show posted anywhere. Thanks for your help!

  26. Gerry says:

    I am looking for the 6/14/65 IGAS episode featuring Cleveland Browns quarterback Frank Ryan

  27. Ron Schneider says:

    The January 29, 1962 show that featured my parents is now available on Amazon prime. Anyone looking for a show can check there.

  28. Sandy says:


    My relatives were on IGaS episode 1/8/58. I would very like if you could give me any information about this. Thank you!

  29. Kayla says:

    Hello I am looking video for episode 553 from 01/14/1963 Thank you!

  30. Hayne van Ghizeghem says:

    Would like to see Albert Read’s appearance on episode of 4 June 1962.

  31. Erika says:

    I’ve only been able to find in a newspaper that Agnes Moorehead was a featured guest, in 1956 according what I read. It’s not listed in the credits on her IMDB page. I would absolutely love to see this segment if it is available to be uploaded to Youtube. Thank you.

  32. Janet says:

    Hello! Is it possible to upload the 1954 episode with Ann Hodges, the only person known to have ever been hit by a meteor? Thank you so much!

  33. Jason Colon says:

    I’m looking for an episode featuring Sheriff Emma Grebner. The only female sheriff in the U.S. during the 1950’s.

  34. John Depasquale says:

    Mr. Farrel was the school music teacher. It would be nostalgic to re-vist this segment; it was a night all his students watched TV!

  35. Stacey Logan says:

    My grandfather was in Episode 703 which was broadcasted on 11/29/1965. I’d love to be able to see and share this episode with my family. My uncles will be 70 next month and this would be a great gift. If anyone has this and can upload it, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  36. Vivian says:

    Would you happen to have episode: Week 305, 4/16/58?

    I’m dying to find this episode and can’t find it online anywhere!

    Episode features:
    Francis A. Johnson, Darwin, MN: “This string is 997 miles long.”
    Joseph Burger, Bronx: “I invented elevated shoes (1937).”
    Guest Cornel Wilde: Does the old magician’s trick of sticking swords through a box, which in this case has Garry in it. Henry guesses, going last.

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