How to Buy an Episode of “I’ve Got a Secret”

A couple months ago I posted a link about Michelle’s grandparents, who appeared on IGaS. Well, she took it upon herself to track down the episode, and sent me this email explaining how she did it! We get tons of emails asking for episodes, or where to buy an episode, so this could help out a lot of people in a similar situation:

It occurred to me that Wikipedia would have who owned the show. Indeed I saw that episodes from 2006 on were owned by the Game Show Network, but the episodes from 1976 and earlier were owned by CBS.

I hunted around on the CBS website until I found a staff listing that gave a person described as photo archivist. I knew this wouldn’t be the right person, but I wrote to them anyway on the assumption that one archivist knows the other archivists. My hunch paid off, and he put me in touch with a person named Fred Wostbrock with Kazarian/Spencer/Ruskin & Associates. Fred helped me realize I had misspelled the guest host’s name as Eddie Cannon instead of Eddie Cantor, and that I had the date of the episode off by 1 day. Fred put me touch with a David Schwartz at the Game Show Network, who would have the master list. We learned that his company did not have the episode I needed, and he put me in touch with a new company.

I phoned a Jon with FremantleMedia with the date of the episode and the correct spelling of the guest star’s name. His assistant Jessica Pringle called me back, and told me that she would search their archives for my episode. She cautioned me that their records were very poorly labelled and stored from back then, so it could be some time, and she could make me no promises on locating it. About a month went by before I heard from her again.

Finally on May 11, she wrote me to say she was pretty sure she had found it! She was able to confirm it was indeed the right episode. Then she put me in touch with Heather Iles with Point 360. It was Heather who processed my order for the DVD, a total of $65. I received it just a few days after completing the order with Heather. I’m so happy to be able to share seeing my grandparents with all of my family very soon!

Go Michelle! Incredible work. I emailed her back asking for any contact info that might help out other episode seekers, and she provided these:

Fred Wostbrock with Kazarian/Spencer/Ruskin & Associates
(help with more recent episodes)

David Schwartz at the Game Show Network
(help with finding your episode’s exact date and guest star)
Possibly: or

(help with locating/ordering very old episodes)
My contact was Jessica Pringle:
If you write to her to inquire how to begin a search, she could likely direct you.

Obviously you should not go through all this trouble if you’re just a fan, but if a relative appeared on the show it’s worth it. The first thing you should do is check our episode guide to find the date, if possible, before contacting any of these people. If anyone else has any luck, or has any additional tips/links to add, please post them in the comments! (And thank Michelle!)

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  1. Lynn Olison says:

    I am looking for episode #474, July 12, 1961. My brother was on the show, and I would really like to get it on DVD. He was a junior high school basketball player — and his secret was that in one of his bball games, he was the high scorer for both teams. I sent an email to Jessica Pringle, but would appreciate any other information you can give. Thanks, Lynn O

  2. Deb says:

    Hi – You cannot believe how grateful I am to see this! I have been trying to figure out for YEARS how to get a copy of the episode my dad appeared on! It was May 10, 1961 and I hope to surprise him with this for his birthday in September – this year was the 50th anniversary of his retrieval of Alan Shepard (Dad was the command pilot, USMC). Thank you so much!!!!

  3. martin kessler says:

    October 16, 1961

    IGaS–Champion Accordion Player.

    Can I get or download the episode.

  4. Terry G says:

    Lynn, see Tommy’s October 6, 2011 post. The high scorer for both games is in the dvd’s.
    Martin, also the champion accordion player’s episode is in the ioffer dvd’s. I liked that episode so much I googles him to see what happened to him.

  5. Ronald Perks says:

    looking for episode 429 Aug 31 1960
    I am the Ice cream eating champion

  6. Natalie Walsh says:

    Looking for an episode guest was Francis (Frank) Walsh who shot a Television Set. Late 50’s early 60’s Would like to surprise my ailing father-in-law with the video of his father, before he passes on too. Any information on finding the footage would be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Chris Roche says:

    I am trying to find the episode in which a guest singer, a young African-American man, would make-up a song and sing it upon someone giving him a topic. He sung a short song for each of the four panelists. He was extremely talented. I do not know his name and I love to find that episode. Can anyone help me? Gary Moore was the host. I believe the episode was from the early 1960’s. Thank you very much in advance, I really appreciate

  8. Tommy Gun says:

    Chris: Yes, he’s one of my favorites — Steve DePass! You can see more recent clips of him here:

    His website:

  9. Caryn O'Connor says:

    My uncle, Arthur Markoff, was on the show in 1958 Week 333 (10/29/58). His daughters and I were too young to view the show at the time so we never saw him on it. We lost him a few years ago but I know that his daughters, grandsons and nieces would love to be able to view it for the first time as it has been family “lore” these many years. Any assistance you could give us would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Bil Munsil says:

    There was one program with soldiers and officers from The Aggressor Force
    speaking Esperanto.

    Can you help me find out which one it was?

    Vilchjo de Mesao Arizono, Usono
    wmunsil “at” cox “dot” net

  11. Roc Kelly says:

    Looking for IGAS from 11/11/63 with Jack E Leonard.
    thrdrocpoz at mail dot com


  12. Caroline R. M. says:

    Hi there!

    My name is Caroline – I’m looking for an episode that includes my grandparents – Stanley Meuser and Maeve Meuser. I believe my grandfather was on there when he was a part of the NYPD, who frequently went undercover as a woman. I did some digging, and this episode info sounds somewhat promising:

    Levittown, NY, Police Boys’ Club Junior Softball Team: “One of us is a girl.”

    They were living on Long Island, NY at the time, so the location sounds right, as does the episode description. However, I cannot find this clip online anywhere. Is there any chance I could get this sent to me? Thank you so much!

    Very best,

  13. R.B. says:

    I’m looking for episode 513 (1962) segment about “Electrocular.” Will be used for non-commercial, educational purposes only. Thank you

  14. Jerry Foley Jr. says:

    Hi, Looking for video of IGAS week 703
    Nov 29, 1965.
    My father was the representative from
    Speedy Univac computer vendor
    on that episode.
    Jerry Foley Jr.

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