Interview with Betsy Palmer, Show Experience

Kliph Nesteroff from Classic Television Showbiz interviewed Betsy Palmer last year, and it’s a great read. She talks about IGaS, her feud with Henry, some old films she was in, and even…talking dirty to James Dean!

Ben emailed me and shared this quick story about meeting Betsy during IGaS:

My father was close high school friends with Chester Feldman…In the late 50’s we’d go as a family several times a year to the Wednesday night, 9:30 live show in Manhattan…I was 8-9 years old and it was always a thrill….In fact there was some bit they did one night where they needed people to walk across the stage and Chester picked me to be part of that!…so I was actually on the show once…I have no recollection of what that was about…

Anyway, Betsy Palmer….We’d get to the theatre about an hour before airtime and Chester would always take us backstage for a bit to say hello to the panel and Garry Moore…the only real vivid memory I have of those meetings was Betsy Palmer…to this 8 year old she was the most stunningly beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life…I remember her being TALL ( well I was 8 years old), and she glowed…she was VERY friendly to us…I remember her bending down to shake my hand with that WONDERFUL smile….

And I remember once going to the theatre and backstage and Betsy caught sight of us coming over from a distance and her smiling and waving at ME…

I mean when I met Betsy Palmer she was standing there with Bess Myerson, a Miss America fer god sakes, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Betsy….

To this day I harbor a crush on Betsy Palmer…

Thanks, Ben!

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  1. Bob F says:

    Great interview! Betsy sounds like she’s still a lot of fun today!

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