Quick show experience from Bruce Reznick

My father, Sidney Reznick, was a writer for “I’ve Got a Secret” in 1962-1963. (He had previously written for Garry Moore both in the Jimmy Durante radio show of the early 40s and then Garry Moore’s variety show with Carol Burnett in the last 50s. My brother Robert and I were both on the Christmas episode, playing music on toy instruments. I remember even now that GM asked me if my dad worked for the show, and I panicked, paused and said “right” to a big laugh I didn’t understand. My brother and I were recognized the day after the airing by a cabdriver. I became a math professor, and I’m in my 40th year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Robert is now a very successful attorney in Washington, DC.

Thanks, Bruce!

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  1. Susan Pritchet says:

    My father was on I’ve Got a Secret in either 1954 or 55. His job was training dogs for the scout dog unit in the army, and name was Sandor Korein. I would love help tracking this down since he passed away a few months ago.

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