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Don’t you think it’s weird that one of the longest running shows of all time that was consistently rated one of the top twenty shows doesn’t have any large fansites? Well that’s what I thought, and that’s why I created this site. There are some great IGaS sites out there, but most of them are only a couple pages long, and don’t have many pictures. I’ve compiled lots of info all into this one site, from a number of different resources, including a lot of manual “work” — watching the episodes over and over again and typing out transcripts and other information.

This Site Does NOT Cover

NO! This site does not cover the later versions of I’ve Got a Secret, such as the version shown on the Oxygen Network. This site is almost more about the people on IGaS than the show. However, I have put up a page with some of the secrets shown on “OxyIGaS” if anyone is interested. Betsy Palmer and Steve Allen were guests on the Oxygen version.

Another semi-recent similar-to-IGaS show is called “Figure It Out,” and can be seen on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Leonard Kaye says:

    My wife and I were from Louis Heibroner’s secret, in week 228. We would love to get a copy of that weeks show. Please contact us. Your response is appreciated.

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