Faye Emerson

Born: July 8, 1917 in Elizabeth, Louisiana
Died: March 9, 1993 in Majorca, Spain
Years on IGaS: 1952-1958

Family Information: She married Elliot Roosevelt in 1944 (divorced 1950). She married Lyle C. “Skitch” Henderson in 1951.

On the Set:

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Facts About Faye:

  • She was one of the most famous people in the nation because of her appearances during the infant days of television.
  • It is believed she was the first person to ever make a marriage announcement on television

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Biography Summary:

For a really great bio, check out the Museum.tv archive.
This summary was loosely based on the above bio:

Faye Emerson became widely recognized early on because she was one of the first women in television. She even earned the nicknames “Television’s First Lady” and “Mrs. Television.” Faye was a film and stage actress before going into television. In 1944 she was married a second time, to the President’s son, Elliot Roosevelt. In October 1949 “The Faye Emerson Show” premiered, and became widely successful when it went national over CBS in March. Faye began a second talk show one month later, making her one of the first people to have two shows on two networks. She would also frequently substitute as a host on “Person to Person” and “The Garry Moore Show.”

She divorced Roosevelt in 1950, and announced on her show that she would be marrying musician Lyle C. “Skitch” Henderson. She hosted one of the most expensive shows at the time called “Faye Emerson’s Wonderful Town,” and later a show called, “Faye & Skitch.” As talk shows left prime time, Faye found herself with few opportunities. She retired in 1963, sailing to Europe and dying abroad in 1993.

Faye was a loved panelist. When she had to leave the show for a while everyone gave her flowers. She was replaced by Betsy Palmer until she got back, but she never actually came back to the show, so Betsy stayed as a regular. No explanation was ever really given as to why she didn’t return.

Movies She Has Appeared In:
Bad Men of Missouri, 1941; Juke Girl, 1942; The Hard Way, 1942; Find the Blackmailer, 1943; Destination Tokyo, 1943; Air Force, 1943; The Mask of Dimitrios, 1944; Crime by Night, 1944; Danger Signal, 1945; Nobody Lives Forever, 1946; A Face in the Crowd, 1957

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