Jayne Meadows

Also Known As: Jayne Cotter
Born: September 27, 1920
Died: Still Living!
Years on IGaS: 1952-1959

Family Information: Jayne was married to Steve Allen, former host of IGaS. Jayne had a sister Audrey (best known as Alice Kramden on the “Honeymooners”) who appeared on IGaS a few times.

You may know her from: Alice in Wonderland, the live-action version (as the Queen of Hearts) or City Slickers as Billy Crystal’s mother.

On the Set:

Jayne was a good panelist with an infectious laugh. She had nice chemistry with the other panelists, and with Garry.

Facts About Jayne:

  • She was born in China, and only spoke Chinese until her parents came back to America in the 1930s
  • She received the Susan B. Anthony Award for her contribution in portraying women in positive roles
  • She was the second highest-rated actress on the CBS network after Lucille Ball.
  • Elvis had his first major hit, “Love Me Tender,” after hearing a recording of Jayne singing the Wesleyan University anthem, “Aurelee.” He loved the tune, so he wrote new lyrics for it.

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