Steve Allen

Also Known As: Stephen Joseph Patrick Valentine Allen
Born: December 26, 1921
Died: October 30, 2000
Years on IGaS: 1964-1967 (and later in 1976)

Family Information: Steve was married to Dorothy Goodman and they had three sons, Steve Jr., David, and Brian. They divorced in 1952. Steve was also married to Jayne Meadows, former panelist on IGaS. His parents’ names are Billy Allen and Belle Montrose.

On the Set:

So as not to be redundant, please see the Garry Leaves section of the About The Show page for info on the show and Steve as a host.

Facts About Steve:

  • He composed the popular song, “This Could Be the Start of Something Big”
  • He was the creator and host of the original “Tonight Show,” in 1953.
  • He was the first person to take cameras out of the studio and onto the street, and interview people.
  • He also invented the “Question Man” skit, the predecessor of Jonny Carson’s “Karnac.”
  • He composed more than 6,000 songs and wrote 48 books.

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Biography Summary:

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