Year 1953

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I’ve Got a Secret — 1953

Episodes listed on this page:

Seen by us 3
From GSN board 1
Details unavailable 27
Total entries 31

All air dates through week 50 are Thursdays; the rest are Wednesdays.


  • Host: Little information is available, but there is no indication that anyone but Garry Moore was host, so the host is omitted from the table.
  • Panel: The regular panel were Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, and Faye Emerson, seated in that order. There is no indication that any of the first three was ever absent, so Panelists 1-3 are omitted from the table. Faye, however, often was absent, so Panelist 4 is included; wherever Kinescopes provides that name, the first three panelists are assumed to have been Bill, Jayne, and Henry.


Since most episodes are unavailable, all known crew credits are included in the details section after the table.

Bold = Name appears on no other page
Link = Name appears on other pages
Normal = Name appears earlier on this page

Calendar Week Air Date Guest Panelist 4
29: 12/28/52-1/3/53 [Unknown]
30: 1/4-10 1/8/53 Zsa Zsa Gabor Kitty Carlisle
31: 1/11-17 [Unknown]
32: 1/18-24 [Unknown]
33: 1/25-31 [Unknown]
34: 2/1-7 2/5/53 Arthur Treacher [Unknown]
35: 2/8-14 [Unknown]
36: 2/15-21 2/19/53 Burgess Meredith Faye (first known)
37: 2/22-28 [Unknown]
38: 3/1-7 3/5/531 Diana Lynn Faye
39: 3/8-14 [Unknown]
40: 3/15-21 [Unknown]
41: 3/22-28 [Unknown]
42: 3/29-4/4 4/2/53 June Havoc [Unknown]
43: 4/5-11 [Unknown]
44: 4/12-18 4/16/53 Charles Coburn Laraine Day
45: 4/19-25 [Unknown]
46: 4/26-5/2 4/30/53 Leo Durocher Laraine Day
47: 5/3-9 [Unknown]
48: 5/10-16 5/14/53 Red Buttons Faye
49: 5/17-23 [Unknown]
50: 5/24-30 5/28/53 Xavier Cugat Faye
51: 5/31-6/6 [Unknown]
52: 6/7-13 [Unknown]
53: 6/14-20 [Unknown]
54: 6/21-27 [Unknown]
55: 6/28-7/4 7/1/53 Joe E. Brown [Unknown]
56: 7/5-11 7/8/53 Peter Lawford [Unknown]
57: 7/12-18 7/15/53 Mel Torme [Unknown]
58: 7/19-25 7/22/53 David Niven2 [Unknown]
59: 7/26-8/1 7/29/53 Dennis O’Keefe [Unknown]
60: 8/2-8 8/5/53 Eddie Fisher [Unknown]
61: 8/9-15 8/12/53 Larry Storch [Unknown]
62: 8/16-22 [Unknown]
63: 8/23-29 8/26/53 Brian Donlevy Laraine Day
64: 8/30-9/5 9/2/53 Jeanette MacDonald [Unknown]
65: 9/6-12 9/9/531 Cedric Hardwicke [Unknown]
66: 9/13-19 [Unknown]
67: 9/20-26 9/23/53 Gabby Hayes Kitty Carlisle
68: 9/27-10/3 9/30/531 Zippy the Chimp Ann Rutherford
69: 10/4-10 10/7/53 Cesar Romero Dorothy Hart
70: 10/11-17 10/14/53 Paul Winchell Dorothy Hart
71: 10/18-24 10/21/53 Denise Darcel Joan Bennett
72: 10/25-31 10/28/53 Brian Aherne Joan Bennett
73: 11/1-7 11/4/53 Eddie Albert Joan Bennett
74: 11/8-14 11/11/53 Patti Page Joan Bennett
75: 11/15-21 11/18/533 Fred MacMurray [Unknown]
76: 11/22-28 11/25/53 Jackie Cooper [Unknown]
77: 11/29-12/5 12/2/53 George Raft Joan Bennett
78: 12/6-12 [Unknown]
79: 12/13-19 [Unknown]
80: 12/20-26 12/23/531 Paul Hartman Joan Bennett
81: 12/27/53-1/2/54 [Unknown]
1 Clips from these episodes are included in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.
2 Secret: “I’m sitting on a cake of ice.”
3 This episode is referenced when MacMurray appears again on 11/11/59.

Week 69, 10/7/53

Earliest episode to air on Game Show Network.

Sponsor: Cavalier
Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Dorothy Hart
Associate Producer: Allan Sherman
Director: Frank Satenstein
Program Supervisor: Howard Merrill
Set Designer: Robert Rowe Paddock

  1. Recap of last week’s segment with Zippy the chimp: Henry had a hole in his shoe. Zippy returns at the end. The segment from last week is again revisited on the fourth anniversary show of 6/13/56.
  2. Leonard Paine, Green Village, NJ: “I fell asleep at a burlesque show.” This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. “Mr. R” (Harry Stuhldreyer): “I was one of the ‘Four Horsemen’ of Notre Dame.” Henry guesses after all have played.
  4. Guest Cesar Romero: Any time the panel says “uh,” Romero steps on Garry’s foot.

Week 74, 11/11/53

Sponsor: Cavalier
Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Joan Bennett
Associate Producer: Allan Sherman
Director: Frank Satenstein

  1. Gene Scanlon, Jersey City: “I had a date with Marilyn Monroe (and she paid for it).” See also 5/7/58. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. “Mr. Z” (Col. Elliot White Springs): “I shot down 12 enemy planes in World War I.” Bill disqualifies himself.
  3. Guest Patti Page: “I’m going to sing a duet with an airedale.” The dog’s name is Flash.
  4. Closing question from Jane Poppins, Terre Haute: What does the panel collect?

Week 77, 12/2/53

Sponsor: Cavalier
Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Joan Bennett
Associate Producer: Allan Sherman
Program Supervisor: Howard Merrill

  1. Susan Cuiriconi: “I’m wearing lipstick for the first time tonight.” Joan gets credit for guessing, though her guess really isn’t different from Henry’s.
  2. Jim Wilson, Hollywood: “I flew a harem to an Arabian prince.” At the time of the show, the former prince in question was King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Jules Feigel, South Norwalk, CT: “I gave a parking ticket to a horse.” Time runs out before any questions can be asked.
  4. Guest George Raft: Jack & Charlie’s 21 Club delivers gravy with truffles, which Garry uses to paint a spot on Raft’s tie that the panel must detect. Jayne guesses after all have played.
  5. Closing question from Miss Sewell, NC: What time in the morning does each panelist get up?

Week 80, 12/23/53

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 66, posted 2/5/03 by bossradio93):

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Joan Bennett

  1. A contestant from Columbus, KS, saved 388 miles of string. A clip from this segment is repeated in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.
  2. A Korean orphan adopted by a naval officer receives gifts from Santa.
  3. Guest Paul Hartman: Henry’s mother, Eve, kisses Santa Claus.

One Response to “Year 1953”

  1. Karin Yanoff says:

    My grandfather made an “I’ve Got a Secret” TV guest appearance in 1953, probably on the 11/25/53 (Jackie Cooper) show or on the 11/18/53 (Fred MacMurray) show. My grandfather was always impeccably dressed and lived in Miami, Florida. His name was Paul E. Lindblad and he knew Jean Sibelius.

    Can I get a note to the copyright holder, and, if possible, can I view the tape or even pay for a copy of the episode?

    I would be very grateful.

    Karin Yanoff

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