Year 1954

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I’ve Got a Secret — 1954

Episodes listed on this page:

Seen by us 1
Details unavailable 19
Total entries 20

All air dates are Wednesdays.

This is the year for which the least information is available, but it can be inferred from surrounding years that the regular cast was Host Garry Moore and Panel Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, and Faye Emerson, seated in that order.

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Calendar Week Air Date Guest Notes
82: 1/3-9 [Unknown]
83: 1/10-16 [Unknown]
84: 1/17-23 [Unknown]
85: 1/24-30 [Unknown]
86: 1/31-2/6 [Unknown]
87: 2/7-13 2/10/54 [Unknown] A clip from this episode (“My wife and I had our 25th child last week”) is shown in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.
88: 2/14-20 [Unknown]
89: 2/21-27 [Unknown]
90: 2/28-3/6 [Unknown]
91: 3/7-13 [Unknown]
92: 3/14-20 [Unknown]
93: 3/21-27 [Unknown]
94: 3/28-4/3 [Unknown]
95: 4/4-10 [Unknown]
96: 4/11-17 [Unknown]
97: 4/18-24 4/21/54

Chico Marx Sponsor: Cavalier cigarettes

Polly Bergen fills in for Faye. First contestant is one of Ava Gardner’s sisters. Chico appears disguised as Harpo.
98: 4/25-5/1 [Unknown]
99: 5/2-8 5/5/54 [Unknown] A clip from this episode (Earl Wilson) is shown in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.
100: 5/9-15 [Unknown]
101: 5/16-22 [Unknown]
102: 5/23-29 [Unknown]
103: 5/30-6/5 6/2/542 Audrey Meadows Laraine Day fills in for Faye.
104: 6/6-12 6/9/54 Janet Leigh
105: 6/13-19 [Unknown]
106: 6/20-26 6/23/54 [Unknown]

A clip from this episode (Louise Gordon) is shown in the sixth anniversary episode of 6/18/58.
107: 6/27-7/3 [Unknown]
108: 7/4-10 7/7/542 Alan Mowbray Laraine Day fills in for Faye.
109: 7/11-17 7/14/54 Morgan the Dog
110: 7/18-24 7/21/54 Helen Kane
111: 7/25-31 [Unknown]
112: 8/1-7 8/4/542 Maxie Rosenbloom Laraine Day fills in for Faye.
113: 8/8-14 8/11/542 Chester Morris Laraine Day fills in for Faye.
114: 8/15-21 8/18/542 Robert Q. Lewis Laraine Day fills in for Faye.
115: 8/22-28 8/25/54 Charles Coburn
116: 8/29-9/4 [Unknown]
117: 9/5-11 9/8/54 Dennis O’Keefe
118: 9/12-18 [Unknown]
119: 9/19-25 9/22/54 Emmett Kelly
120: 9/26-10/2 [Unknown]
121: 10/3-9 [Unknown]
122: 10/10-16 10/13/54 Boris Karloff

Only episode from this year known to have aired on Game Show Network (even 1953 had more).

Sponsor: Cavalier cigarettes

  1. Paul Thomas of Louisiana gives Faye 20 pounds of sugar cane to chew on.
  2. “Mr. X” (Harold van S.), Miami Beach: “I’m the doctor who brought Faye Emerson into the world.” Garry gives it away that he’s a doctor. Bill guesses, going last.
  3. “Misters Y” (Jesse Owens, Dick Button, Eddie Egan, Johnny Hayes, Dick Landon): “Each of us won an Olympic championship for the USA.” Bill guesses, going second.
  4. Guest Boris Karloff: Four women chosen from the audience participate in a screaming contest. When Karloff touches each woman’s shoulder, that is her cue to scream. The blindfolded panel have to figure out what’s going on.
123: 10/17-23 [Unknown]
124: 10/24-30 [Unknown]
125: 10/31-11/6 [Unknown]
126: 11/7-13 [Unknown]
127: 11/14-20 11/17/54 [Unknown] In the episode of 12/2/59, it is stated that the guest’s secret in this episode was, “Panel had to test weight-reducing machines,” though it is not stated who the guest was.
128: 11/21-27 [Unknown]
129: 11/28-12/4 12/1/54 [Unknown] A clip from this episode (Inspector Fabian) is shown in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.
130: 12/5-11 [Unknown]
131: 12/12-18 [Unknown]
132: 12/19-25 12/22/54 None
133: 12/26/54-1/1/55 12/29/54 Peter Lorre

One Response to “Year 1954”

  1. Christopher Johnson says:

    Someone just posted the final “IGAS” episode of 1954 on YouTube (12/29/54 w/guest Peter Lorre). Here’s the rundown from that episode:
    1. Chief Porter Hodges, Jr. from Rochester, IN: “I got a ticket from one of my men” – Bill Cullen guesses on the 1st try in the 2nd go-round (back then it was twice around the panel w/$10 being paid every time a panelist failed to guess the secret)
    2. Ann Hodges from Sylacauga, AL: “I was hit by a meteorite” – Faye Emerson guesses going 2nd (secret kind of given away by Garry when he said at the beginning, “This is the one”. He would explain that he wasn’t sure whether the panel should refer to Mrs. Hodges as “Mrs. X” prior to the show because (at the time) she was the only person to be hit by a meteorite and Garry wasn’t sure if anyone would remember the person’s name, so in fairness to Mrs. Hodges, Garry gives her the full $80 plus a carton of Cavalier cigarettes.)
    3. Special guest – Peter Lorre: he and the panel get revenge on Garry Moore for the things he did to them in 1954; a) Bill Cullen – 2/24/54- panel was fed stewed octopus, so Garry has to eat boiled rattlesnake in white wine sauce; b) Jayne Meadows – 11/17/54 – Garry and guest Jack E. Leonard ate hot fudge sundaes while the panel had to test weight reducing machines, so Garry has to eat a hot fudge sundae while on a weight reducing machine, he only eats a couple of spoonfuls before the buzzer sounds; c) Henry Morgan – 3/17/54 – when panel asked guest Rocky Graziano questions who was on a contraption which went up and down, he went up 2 feet if answer was “Yes”, down 1 foot if answer was “No”, so Garry gets on the contraption and Peter Lorre asks the audience questions and Garry goes up if answer is “Yes” and down if answer is “No”; d) Faye Emerson – 1/20/54 – guest Dane Clark along with Bill and Henry get into a snowball fight, so Bill and Henry throw snowballs at Garry as revenge while Jayne and Faye leave their seats. The link to this show:

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