Year 1956

This episode guide was originally written by Richard Carson. With his permission it has been mirrored here, with the ability to be updated by anyone who would like to help out. Please contact me if you’d like to help!

I’ve Got a Secret — 1956

Episodes listed on this page:

Seen by us 18
From GSN board 2
Details unavailable 12
Total entries 32

All air dates are Wednesdays.


  • Host: Normally Garry Moore, but Don McNeill substituted at least three times.
  • Panel: The regulars were Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, and Faye Emerson, though it was not until September (the start of the 56–57 TV season) that they settled into this exact seating order, and throughout the year there were many substitutions, even given the little information available.


The following are the same wherever credits are known and therefore are not included in the details section below:

  • Sponsor: Winston cigarettes, though weeks 209 and 235 no sponsor was mentioned.
  • Program Supervisor: Howard Merrill
  • Production Manager: Mitchell R. Leiser
  • Program Staff 1-2: Chester Feldman, Adraia Koe
  • Technical Director: Vernon Gamble

The remaining credits vary and are included in the details section where known:

  • Director: Frank Satenstein, Franklin Heller, Paul Alter.
  • Music Director: Normally Norman Paris (who was not yet credited on screen), but in the annual Armed Forces Week episode (week 205), this credit is given to Lt. Alice Peters.
  • Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson. Position added to credits beginning week 231.
  • Lighting Director: Ferdinand Manning, Vernon Cook.

Bold = Name appears on no other page
Link = Name appears on other pages
Normal = Name appears earlier on this page

Calendar Week Air Date Guest Host Panelist 1 Panelist 2 Panelist 3 Panelist 4
186: 1/1-7 1/4/56 Arthur Treacher [Unknown]
187: 1/18-14 1/11/56 Cyril Ritchard Don McNeill [Unknown]
188: 1/15-21 1/18/56 [Unknown]
189: 1/22-28 1/25/56 Ernest Borgnine [Unknown]
190: 1/29-2/4 [Unknown]
191: 2/5-11 2/8/56 Desi Arnaz Garry Bill Jayne Henry Lucille Ball
192: 2/12-18 2/15/56 Dennis O’Keefe [Unknown] Audrey Meadows
193: 2/19-25 2/22/56 Gregory Ratoff Garry Ann Cullen Bill Jayne Henry
194: 2/26-3/3 2/29/56 Basil Rathbone [Unknown] Toni Gilman
195: 3/4-10 3/7/56 Farley Granger [Unknown]
196: 3/11-17 3/14/56 Brian Donlevy [Unknown]
197: 3/18-24 3/21/56 [Phil Silvers Show cast] [Unknown]
198: 3/25-31 3/28/56 None Garry Bill Jayne Henry Faye
199: 4/1-7 4/4/56 William Bendix [Unknown]
200: 4/8-14 [Unknown]
201: 4/15-21 4/18/56 Emmett Kelly [Unknown] Bill Jayne Henry Faye
202: 4/22-28 [Unknown]
203: 4/29-5/5 [Unknown]
204: 5/6-12 5/9/56 Jackie Cooper [Unknown] Jayne Bill Betty Furness Henry
205: 5/13-19 5/16/56 Jimmy Durante Garry Jayne Bill Faye Henry
206: 5/20-26 5/23/561 [Unknown]
207: 5/27-6/2 [Unknown]
208: 6/3-9 6/6/56 Marguerite Piazza Garry Jayne Bill Faye Henry
209: 6/10-16 6/13/56 None Garry Henry Faye Jayne Bill
210: 6/17-23 [Unknown]
211: 6/24-30 [Unknown]
212: 7/1-7 [Unknown]
213: 7/8-14 [Unknown]
214: 7/15-21 [Unknown]
215: 7/22-28 7/25/56 Sheree North Don McNeill Faye Bill Edie Adams Ernie Kovacs
216: 7/29-8/4 [Unknown]
217: 8/5-11 8/8/56 David Wayne Don McNeill Faye Bill Jayne Henry
218: 8/12-18 [Unknown]
219: 8/19-25 [Unknown]
220: 8/26-9/1 [Unknown]
221: 9/2-8 9/5/56 Ann Sheridan Garry Faye Bill Jayne Henry
222: 9/9-15 9/12/562 [Unknown]
223: 9/16-22 [Unknown]
224: 9/23-29 [Unknown]
225: 9/30-10/6 10/3/56 Paul Newman Garry Bill Jayne Henry Ann Sheridan
226: 10/7-13 10/10/56 Orson Welles Garry Bill Jayne Henry Faye
227: 10/14-20 [Unknown]
228: 10/21-27 10/24/56 Don Ameche Garry Bill Jayne Henry Faye
229: 10/28-11/3 10/31/56 Bud Collyer Garry Bill Jayne Henry Faye
230: 11/4-10 [Unknown]
231: 11/11-17 11/14/56 Robert Young Garry Bill Mary Healy Henry Faye
232: 11/18-24 [Unknown]
233: 11/25-12/1 [Unknown]
234: 12/2-8 12/5/56 Art Linkletter Garry Bill Jayne Henry Polly Bergen
235: 12/9-15 12/12/56 None Garry None
236: 12/16-22 12/19/56 Vincent Price Garry Bill Jayne Henry Patricia Cutts
237: 12/23-29 12/26/56 Faye Garry Bill Jayne Henry Denise Lor
1Contestant Tom Joseph reappears in the sixth anniversary episode of 6/18/58.
2In this episode, the panel had to milk a cow. A clip is shown in Jayne’s farewell tribute of 11/5/58,
and the segment is mentioned again on 12/2/59.

Week 191, 2/8/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Lucille Ball
Director: Frank Satenstein
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

This entire episode is viewable here. Many other copies of varying length also can be found on YouTube.

  1. Bertha Pierce, Olean, NY: “I built the chairs that the panel sits on.” Jayne guesses, going third.
  2. Samuel J. Seymour, Maryland, age 96: “I saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln (April 14, 1865).”
  3. Guest Desi Arnaz: “I love Lucy.” All three regular panelists, who are in on the joke, disqualify themselves, leaving Lucy to guess the answer.

Week 193, 2/22/56

Panel: Ann Cullen, Bill, Jayne, Henry

  1. No show opener because it was not yet certain at air time who the guest would be.
  2. Jose Perez, NYC: “I was just brought in off the street by Garry Moore.”
  3. Sgt. James Clausen, Everett, MA; Pvt. Leslie Smith, Cleveland: “My parachute failed to open.” … “I caught him in mid-air.” Bill guesses, going second. The same secret, with different contestants, later appears on 11/13/61.
  4. Guest Gregory Ratoff: Responds to questions in the manner of a director, writer, producer, and actor.

Week 198, 3/28/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye
Director: Franklin Heller
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning
Music Director: Norman Paris

Special Easter episode features animals. The entire episode is viewable on YouTube in three parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  1. Mr. John created Easter bonnets for the panel to wear. Before any contestant appears, Garry himself has a secret: “Jayne and Faye have bees in their bonnets (live bees).”
  2. Marta Latham, Wexford, PA: “I have the world’s largest Easter bunny.” Henry guesses. It’s a Flemish Giant that weighs over 25 pounds. See also 5/31/61.
  3. Lady Astor (a goat) eats a Winston cigarette.
  4. Albert McAlexander, OH: “I have a horse who can roller skate.” Horse’s name is Jimmy.
  5. Butch the cockatoo, brought out by William van der Weyden, Parrot Jungle, Miami: “I kissed Winston Churchill.” Faye guesses after all have played. William’s father brings out a macaw that rolls over like a dog.
  6. Everyone helps to bring out 100 rabbits, which have been donated by W.T. Grant Stores to give to the National Boys’ Club of America for its 50th anniversary.

Week 201, 4/18/56

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 69, posted 2/17/03 by bossradio93):

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye

  1. Buzzer operator Orville White appears.
  2. Guest Emmett Kelly: Is literally looking for a needle in a haystack. The panel not only are blindfolded but also must hold their noses so as not to detect the presence of hay.
  3. Six members of the same Dutch-Canadian family all are going to get married in a single ceremony. (One of them is Cornelius Dorssers, according to one of our readers.)

Week 204, 5/9/56

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 69, posted 2/18/03 by bossradio93):

  1. Dr. Mary Jane Ross has delivered more than 5,000 babies. A clip from this segment is shown in the sixth anniversary episode of 6/18/58.
  2. Alfred C. Fuller, founder of Fuller Brush Company.
  3. Guest Jackie Cooper: A stenographer is backstage recording the entire segment.

Week 205, 5/16/56

Panel: Jayne, Bill, Faye, Henry
Director: Frank Satenstein
Musical Director: Lt. Alice Peters
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

Another salute to Armed Forces Week.

  1. Colonial color guard does the opener.
  2. Performance by Third Infantry Regiment old guard drill team from military district of Washington.
  3. Seven colonels: “We made the first bombing raid over Tokyo in World War II (April 18, 1942).”
  4. Cmdr. Donald Francis Mason: “I said, ‘Sighted sub, sank same’ (March 2, 1942).'” Bill guesses, going first.
  5. Sgt. Francis H. Killean, in the audience: By playing the bagpipe, he fooled the Japanese into thinking an entire Scottish regiment was approaching.
  6. Guest Jimmy Durante: Teams with Garry to perform a tongue-twister comedy routine from June 2, 1944. The Westover Air Base Caroleers join in a song number. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 208, 6/6/56

Panel: Jayne, Bill, Faye, Henry
Director: Franklin Heller
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. Anne Reddick, Dalton, GA: “I was married by trans-Atlantic telephone … I haven’t seen my husband since.”
  2. “Mr. X” (Michael Meyerberg): “I own this theatre.”
  3. Guest Marguerite Piazza: The panel have to sing their questions. “I’m wearing earplugs.”

Week 209, 6/13/56

Winston is not explicitly credited as sponsor.

Panel: Henry, Faye, Jayne, Bill
Director: Franklin Heller
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

This anniversary show includes many excerpts from early episodes not otherwise available. The entire episode is viewable on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 | Part 2

  1. The entire crew poses for a portrait before occupying the theater seats (there is no audience).
  2. First episode, 6/19/52: “I am Garry Moore’s wife” (Eleanor).
  3. 2/16/55: Mrs. Bilson (or Billson): “I used to diaper Bill Cullen.” (Garry mistakenly says 1952, before the show existed, but it must be 1955 if the day is correct.)
  4. 12/1/54: Inspector Fabian of Scotland Yard shadowed Jayne.
  5. 5/5/54: Earl Wilson judges Faye winner of cake-baking contest. (Garry says 1955, but the day of the week suggests otherwise.)
  6. 9/30/53: Zippy the Chimp; Harry’s shoe has a hole in it (see also 10/7/53).
  7. From “a few months ago”: Olympic weightlifter Paul Anderson lifts the entire panel.
  8. Faye and Henry recall favorite moments.
  9. 3/5/53: “I figure out Einstein’s income tax.” “I discovered Aureomycin.” 3/9/55: “I broke the transcontinental flying record today.”
  10. 9/9/53: Contestant understands only Italian.
  11. 6/8/55: “I throw knives at my mother-in-law.”
  12. 2/10/54: “My wife and I had our 25th child last week.”
  13. 12/23/53: Contestant from Columbus, KS, saved 338 miles of string.
  14. 3/23/55: “In one day on our farm, 3 cows had calves, the mare had a colt, the sow had 11 pigs, the cat had 4 kittens, and I was born.”
  15. Bill and Jayne recall having joined in the third episode.
  16. Date unknown: Jack E. Leonard eats the world’s largest hot fudge sundae while the blindfolded panel are subjected to weight-reducing equipment (see also 11/17/54). (First of eight known appearances by Leonard, a record equaled only by Sam Levenson.)
  17. From “a couple of months ago”: Sailors from USS Leyte celebrate their 10th anniversary.
  18. Everyone leaves the theater to go to a party down the street.

Week 215, 7/25/56

Guest Host: Don McNeill
Panel: Faye, Bill, Edie Adams, Ernie Kovacs

  1. Johnny Miller, Portland, OR: “I play 5 musical instruments at the same time.”
  2. Mary Warriner, Tenafly, NJ: “I am a direct descendant of Lady Godiva.” This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Sheree North: Covers Don with sand.

Week 217, 8/8/56

Guest Host: Don McNeill
Panel: Faye, Bill, Jayne, Henry

  1. Mildred Johnson, Chester, PA: “My daughter was born while I was watching ‘I’ve Got a Secret.'” Henry guesses, going last.
  2. Bill McMains, IL: “I’m going to play the organ at both political conventions.” Jayne guesses, going last.
  3. Guest David Wayne: A mock political convention is held that recalls the “I Like Ike” campaign, with the panel as candidates and the audience as delegates, and lots of confetti. The panel don’t know that they’re campaigning to see who has to clean up the mess afterwards. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 221, 9/5/56

Panel: Faye, Bill, Jayne, Henry
Director: Frank Satenstein
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. Harmon Smith, MA: “I waited on Garry Moore’s table during his vacation … and he forgot to leave me a tip.” Blindfolded Garry asks the questions.
  2. Jerome Lower, Elwood, NJ: “Somebody stole my watchdog last Sunday.” Bill guesses, going third.
  3. Guest Ann Sheridan: “I’m sending Henry Morgan to Africa [Bukabu, Belgian Congo] tomorrow … and he doesn’t know a thing about it.”

Week 225, 10/3/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Ann Sheridan
Director: Frank Satenstein
Lighting: Vernon Cook

  1. Dr. Robert W. Kiest, San Rafael, CA, is inside a water tank. “I am holding my breath.” Henry guesses, going third. Kiest stays under water for 5 minutes 13 seconds. See also 12/17/62.
  2. Larry Curgy, Hollywood: “I give Jack Benny violin lessons.”
  3. Guest Paul Newman: “I sold Henry Morgan a hot dog at the World Series today … and he doesn’t know it.”

Week 226, 10/10/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye
Director: Frank Satenstein
Lighting: Vernon Cook

  1. Celeste Geyer, Orlando, FL (aka Dolly Dimples of Ringling Bros. Circus): “I lost 433 pounds.”
  2. Guest Orson Welles: Has predicted the winner of the upcoming presidential election, the electoral vote, and the popular vote, and sealed his predictions in an envelope. (It supposedly was opened on the episode of 11/7, but it is not known if there even was such an episode.) He then makes a few random mentalist observations about the panel until time runs out.

Week 228, 10/24/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye
Director: Paul Alter
Lighting: Vernon Cook

  1. “Mr. X” (Louis Heilbronner, Tarboro, NC): “I married 49 couples by mistake.” His license hadn’t been renewed.
  2. Prof. Clyde Tombaugh, NM: “I discovered the planet Pluto” (Feb. 18, 1930).” This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Don Ameche: The “secret” is assembled at random by drawing cards from the home version of the game. “I’m a baldheaded garbageman who stands on his head while taking a shower.” Tommy Gun has posted photos of the home game.

Week 229, 10/31/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye
Director: Paul Alter
Lighting: Vernon Cook

  1. The stage is candlelit. The panel are seated next to lookalike pumpkins contributed by audience member Pat Morella from Philadelphia. The buzzer is replaced by various Halloween sound effects.
  2. John Francis, Merchantville, NJ: “I cut Steve Allen’s throat … while shaving him.”
  3. Guest Bud Collyer: Tries out potential new “Beat the Clock” stunts.
    • Bill tries to put a ball in a cup.
    • Jayne wears a football helmet with three marshmallows suspended from it and succeeds in eating them all.
    • Garry takes a bag full of balloons and succeeds in bursting them all by hitting the bag against a bed of nails.
    • Faye tries to put a coat and pants on Henry while both are blindfolded and wearing boxing gloves.
  4. Closing question: What frightens you most?

Week 231, 11/14/56

Panel: Bill, Mary Healy, Henry, Faye
Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. Joey Alfidi, 7: “I’m going to conduct Toscanini’s orchestra in Carnegie Hall.” All regular panelists have to disqualify themselves.
  2. Freddy Renucci, Elizabeth, NJ: “I gave Elvis Presley a haircut.”
  3. Guest Robert Young: The entire contents of Faye’s dining room have been transported backstage for a farewell party.

Week 234, 12/5/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Polly Bergen
Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. Roland Lindeman, Catskill, NY: “I have 2 full-grown horses in this box.”
  2. Shirley Clingi, Indianapolis: “I’ve been a bridesmaid 17 times … but never a bride.”
  3. Guest Art Linkletter: Laments the supposed underappreciation of “good old” Bill and takes up a collection for him from the audience, who contribute worthless junk. The home audience then also is invited to donate junk, which will be featured on next week’s show. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 235, 12/12/56

Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

The regular sponsor (Winston) is not explicitly credited. This entire episode is viewable on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 | Part 2

  1. Following Art Linkletter’s “collection drive” last week, this episode, in lieu of the game, is devoted to the junk sent in by the home audience to “good old” Bill. Garry, Henry, and Bill sing “Mutual Admiration Society” (Jayne is absent). Tommy Gun has posted a transcript of this segment.
  2. The junk sent in to Bill by people who saw last week’s episode is revealed.
  3. John Vittitow and daughter Vicki, Louisville, AR: They’ve shown up because Vicki sent Bill the key to their hall closet, where their Christmas gifts are stored.
  4. NYC Postmaster Robert Schaffer collects postage due in stage money.
  5. Postal employees sing “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” and “Deck the Halls.”

Week 236, 12/19/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Patricia Cutts
Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. “Mr. X” (Vic Perry): “I just picked the pockets of the audience.”
  2. “Mr. Y” (Tom Courtenay): “I won 2 gold medals at the Olympic Games in Australia.” Bill guesses.
  3. Guest Vincent Price: Christmas cards from celebrities are shown and the panel have to guess who sent them. See also 12/25/57.

Week 237, 12/26/56

Panel: Bill, Jayne, Henry, Denise Lor
Director: Paul Alter
Program Staff 3: Roger Peterson
Lighting: Ferdinand Manning

  1. David Wilson Carroll, Westminster, SC: “I’ve been struck by lightning 8 times.”
  2. Guest Faye: The panel “take revenge” on Garry for the past year’s actions. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
    • Faye has moved Garry’s entire office onto the stage.
    • Bill auctions off Garry’s suit, which is replaced with a zoot suit.
    • Henry sends Garry to Birdland to play drums.
    • Jayne and others enclose Garry in a crate to ship him off to Birdland immediately, as the camera follows everyone down the street.

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