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? This section is to acknowledge all of the people who helped this site by contributing to it. I always list the person’s name next to the actual thing, but this is just to put it all in one spot. I’m not going to specifically list everything here. Here they are, in no particular order (but the people who contributed the most tend to be higher up on the page).

Gary Senese

He submitted TONS of absolutely amazing behind-the-scenes stuff from IGaS! You can see a scan of the actual IGaS welcome letter thanks to him! Also telegrams from when he was on the show, and newspaper articles!

bossradio93 and tom3

These guys deserve a ton of credit, even though they didn’t contribute directly. tom3 started the “Black and White Overnight Review” thread on the Game Show Network forum, and posted a recap of all three G-T shows every night for a while. After he stopped, bossradio93 took over. Together they’ve cataloged almost every shown episode of IGaS. I use that thread ALL the time, to find dates, panel information, etc. for any episode that I’m transcribing. HUGE thanks to them for doing it, it’s a fantastic resource! I probably wouldn’t have any dates on this site if not for that thread. (On a side note, if there are misspelled names in the transcripts, it’s probably their fault! ;)

Matt Ottinger

Aside from having an amazing site of his own which is a great resource, he sent me a copy of the 1972 version of IGaS!

Dave Jones from Wisconsin

What can I say? He really jump-started this site by sending in his autographed photos, IGaS tickets, TV Guide scans, and other pictures–all from his personal collection. He was the first person to contribute stuff to this site, and I’m very thankful for that.

Greg Zeigerson aka Zigory

He wrote an article about his experience on TTtT. You can read it, obviously, in the articles section.

Dennis aka willettd

After seeing my post about missing the Halloween episode, he sent me a clip of it online! Then soon after sent me the whole episode! While this obviously doesn’t help this site directly, the more I know about the show, the more I can accurately build this site. He also sent me a bunch of old Henry Morgan radio shows! I might put some clips of these up eventually.

David P. Johnson

He sent in a scan of the Mad Magazine comic about IGaS. I had seen the comic on the show, but I had never thought about getting a scan of it. Thanks David!


She sent me the link to her Match Game site with pictures of the 1972 IGaS set. While I’m really not using any of the images (just one), it’s still cool.

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  1. Scott Taylor says:

    I’m not sure what year, but it was prior to June 1960…..My Boy Scout troop was on I”ve Got a Secret. The panel included Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer, I believe Kitty Carlisle. Gary Moore was the host.

    The panel was blindfolded, and we were with a boxer, Rocky Graziano (I think). Rocky was performing “Boy Scout” stuff (flipping pancakes, lighting fire w/o matches, etc.) while the panel was blindfolded. I’m trying to find out where I can get a copy of this archived show to show my grandchildren. Any ideas about what I’m talking about?

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