I’ve Got a Secret – Paul Christiansen

Episode 348, aired 2/11/1959

I was one of the Boy Scouts on this episode. We all came from Troop 52 in Cranbury, New Jersey. Gary Moore was a very big supporter of scouting and had scouts on in some fashion almost every anniversary of Scouting.

The original format of the show was that our secret was to be that we could all perform some key skill of scouting in a expert way, such as starting a fire with sticks, splitting wood with a hand hatchet with extreme accuracy, etc. My personal skill was the one with the hatchet and I would demonstrate my skill by splitting a self igniting wooden matches 10 times in a row by placing them head up in a cut in a log end and then swinging the hatchet down and splitting the match lengthwise, which would cause both halves to ignite. I practiced for many, many hours in my basement at home to perfect this. In any event, when we arrived at the show, the fire marshals banned the use of fire on stage and they ended up with us “judging” some simple tasks such as rope knot tying and some such, then voting on who won (Rocky of course – he was the guest!). I got to walk up to announce the results to Garry at the end of the contest and our voting.

Paul Christiansen

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  1. Bob F says:

    Too bad he wasnt able to perform the skill he had splitting the matches, wouldve been great to see!

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