I’ve Got a Secret – The Schneiders

Ron Schneider sent us this:

Above is a photograph and brief article from The Tuesday, January 22, 1962, Louisville Times. It is of my parents and another couple scheduled to get married five days later an hour and a half apart in the same church, the unrelated, and until very recently, unknown to each other men having exactly the same names. The other bride’s mother, Mrs. Mudd, had a friend who worked at the society page of the Times, leading to the article. The couples expressed no objection to having the information sent on out on the UPI wire when asked; hence, soon after Mr. Moore read about the coincidence while on the beach in the Bahamas and said “I want these people on my show.” All four of them were contacted two days later (my dad says it was actually Mr. Moore who contacted him; mom was contacted by staff) at their respective work places and asked if they could fly to New York on that Sunday, the day after their Saturday, January 27 wedding. They did and the show was taped, and apparently aired, on January 29.

Also, they didn’t say anything specific about conversations, but my parents said they did meet the panelists and Mr. Moore.

The newspaper article appears to be more legible than I expected, but for parts you may not be able to read, here is the text:

Photo text: Two young men with but a single name, Ronald Paul Schneider, marry Saturday at Our Mother of Sorrows Church. Ronnie, left, will marry Miss Judith Peake, left, and Ronnie, right, will wed Miss Evelyn Mudd. The foursome are in the apartment where Judy and Ronnie will live. Evelyn and Ronnie will live in Lexington.

Article text:

“An amazing story was revealed when two brides-elect, Miss Judith Peake and Evelyn Ann Mudd, got together recently for the first time in two years.

“Each referred to her coming marriage – which is set not only for the same day, next Saturday, but in the same church, Our Mother of Sorrows. Judy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Peake, plans her wedding for 9 a.m. in Our Mother of Sorrows Church, and Evelyn, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mudd, has made her plans for 10:30 a.m.

“The incredible part of the story was still to come. Judy said that her fiance was Ronald Paul Schneider, which stunned Evelyn, who said that was HER fiance’s name. Happily, the Ronnies are two different young men. Judy’s Ronald Paul is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schneider and Evelyn’s is the son of the Albert E. Schneiders.

“The Schneider families are not related.

“To make the story completely worthy of Ripley, the girls had, unbeknownst, engaged the same photographer to take wedding and reception pictures.”

Another coincidence of note is that the last name of my father’s best man, who would later become my godfather, was the same as the other bride’s maiden name, Mudd. They were not related either.

As I have noted, my parents are both still alive and generally in good health. As I noted in an earlier e-mail, the other Ronnie Schneider passed away a few years ago. Also, my mom kept in touch with Evelyn until about ten years ago or so and gave me Evelyn’s current name. I looked her up and phoned yesterday to get her thoughts on the experience of being on the show, but was informed that she had also passed away about two years ago.

Also, my mom still has a lot of memorabilia from their trip to New York, including many items from Hotel Victoria, where they stayed, and their airline tickets.

Also, this was, of course, done in the days of not very readily available video taping capability. The only visual she has from the show is a series of photos in their wedding album, which were taken by the wedding photographer of the television set while the show was being aired!

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