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“I’ve Got a Secret” Participation Card (scan)

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Ernie sent this in:

I am e-mailing because last Saturday at a flea market, I found an index card autographed by Garry Moore on one side, and the other side was a card to fill out if you wanted to be on the show. I am attaching a scan of that card to this e-mail.

Thanks, Ernie!

Buy 220 episodes of “I’ve Got a Secret” on 34 DVDs for $55 shipped!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Terry sent me an email telling me about how someone on iOffer is selling a huge set of episodes for a ridiculously low price. Terry had already bought and received the DVDs, so I went ahead and got a set too, so I can tell you a bit about it (assuming everyone will get the same DVDs in the same order).

DVD Quality

These are not professional DVDs of course, they were home recorded, but the quality is very good. Some episodes do have a little static at the top of the frame, but there are no annoying “VHS lines” that I’ve seen so far.  You can see a screenshot below, and a whole bunch more in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

About the DVDs

The DVDs come in very thin double-sided sleeves (fabric/plastic), in one giant stack, shipped in a bubble envelope.  The DVDs are not labeled, but the sleeves are numbered. The discs have blank white labels on the top, so you can label them yourself if you’d like (I’ve been writing the year on them as I watch).  I’ve only watched the first two discs so far, but the episodes are in order, although some episodes were skipped (possibly because they weren’t aired, or maybe the person recording just missed them).  The episodes were recorded off of GSN’s “Black and White Overnight” block, the same block I recorded all my episodes of IGaS from (you can tell because some bumpers are briefly shown). The commercials have been edited out.

I went through and quickly checked random DVDs to see what sort of menus they have.  The early ones in the set have a simple menu that pops up at the beginning, where you can choose which episode you’d like to watch, though they aren’t labeled at all — you can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.  The later DVDs have a nice IGaS background, and each episode is dated along with the name of the celebrity guest (e.g., “8/19/59 Guest is Johnny Carson”). You can see an example of each in the gallery below (for some reason the blue menu doesn’t show the text correctly when I play it on my PC, but works fine in my Xbox 360).

Terry noted that there are some duplicate episodes, and while I was checking the menus I saw that some discs have episodes from different years on them.

Buying from iOffer

I had never bought anything from iOffer before, and a quick search for “ioffer scam” found a lot of negative comments, so I would be VERY careful about what you buy.  Since both Terry and I purchased the same set from the same seller, I would advise you to do the same if you’re interested.  The seller is boobookittylovey and this is the IGaS set.  To be extra careful, use PayPal and use a credit card (you have to explicitly choose it on checkout with paypal).  These should offer protections if you get scammed. This is especially important if you choose to buy from a different seller.

Even though I have most of the GSN-aired episodes on tape, I’m really happy to have this set.  I don’t even have a VCR anymore, and transferring them all to DVD would have taken me ages (and extra equipment). I hope someday I can tell you all about a proper DVD set, but until then this is a great option.

Thanks, Terry!

New photo of Garry Moore

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Just got this email:

Attached is a picture of my father and Gary Moore in 1956 when my father was on I Got a Secret. He is holding up 4 fingers because his secret was that he just had his 4th set of Twins. It is my understanding that no one guessed his secret.

David Walsh

See photo here

Thanks, David!