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Quick show experience from Bruce Reznick

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

My father, Sidney Reznick, was a writer for “I’ve Got a Secret” in 1962-1963. (He had previously written for Garry Moore both in the Jimmy Durante radio show of the early 40s and then Garry Moore’s variety show with Carol Burnett in the last 50s. My brother Robert and I were both on the Christmas episode, playing music on toy instruments. I remember even now that GM asked me if my dad worked for the show, and I panicked, paused and said “right” to a big laugh I didn’t understand. My brother and I were recognized the day after the airing by a cabdriver. I became a math professor, and I’m in my 40th year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Robert is now a very successful attorney in Washington, DC.

Thanks, Bruce!

New Show Experience added

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Ron Schneider sent us this, about his parents.

Thanks, Ron!

New “Show Experience” – Tom Decker

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Tom wrote in with his IGaS story, posted here.

Thanks, Tom!

Carol’s update on a 1958 secret

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Carol sends a message about this 1958 episode: “Sandra Keister, Norman, OK, and K.C. Jones, Oklahoma City, who are engaged: “I am the only girl in a boys’ school” (studying to be a civil engineer); “I am the only boy in a girls’ school” (studying to be a nurse). ”

The message:

My father, K.C. Jones, passed away this August. One of the highlights of his life was being on the show. I’m sorry to say, he was never able to realize his dream of becoming a nurse but he did get into the Medical division in the U.S. Army Reserves. Also, shortly after the episode aired, Dad and Sandra broke up.

Carol Jones

Thanks, Carol!

Interview with Betsy Palmer, Show Experience

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Kliph Nesteroff from Classic Television Showbiz interviewed Betsy Palmer last year, and it’s a great read. She talks about IGaS, her feud with Henry, some old films she was in, and even…talking dirty to James Dean!

Ben emailed me and shared this quick story about meeting Betsy during IGaS:

My father was close high school friends with Chester Feldman…In the late 50’s we’d go as a family several times a year to the Wednesday night, 9:30 live show in Manhattan…I was 8-9 years old and it was always a thrill….In fact there was some bit they did one night where they needed people to walk across the stage and Chester picked me to be part of that!…so I was actually on the show once…I have no recollection of what that was about…

Anyway, Betsy Palmer….We’d get to the theatre about an hour before airtime and Chester would always take us backstage for a bit to say hello to the panel and Garry Moore…the only real vivid memory I have of those meetings was Betsy Palmer…to this 8 year old she was the most stunningly beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life…I remember her being TALL ( well I was 8 years old), and she glowed…she was VERY friendly to us…I remember her bending down to shake my hand with that WONDERFUL smile….

And I remember once going to the theatre and backstage and Betsy caught sight of us coming over from a distance and her smiling and waving at ME…

I mean when I met Betsy Palmer she was standing there with Bess Myerson, a Miss America fer god sakes, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Betsy….

To this day I harbor a crush on Betsy Palmer…

Thanks, Ben!

Great IGaS experience: Mr. and Mrs. Moorehead

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Michelle emailed me with this link about her grandparents. It’s a great story and has some newspaper/ticket scans, so take a look if you have a minute. This appears to fill in a gap in our episode guide, but if anyone has any information please post it in the comments!

Read the story:

Note from Christine

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

My 4 sisters and I were on the Jan 1 show, 1958! We had our braids cut off by 5 top hairstylists in New York City! We were a singing group and performed a short number on the show, with my proud Dad accompanying us! I believe we could say that we were the FIRST MAKEOVERS on television!!! They cut and styled our hair in about 20 min. My sisters and I always had long braids and this was our first professional haircut and styling!
Now, all these years later, all 5 of us would love to have another makeover!

Christine Hayden (# 4 out of the 5 Singing Hayden Sisters!)

Thanks, Christine!

Quick note from Ed, who appeared on IGaS

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

In 1954, (I believe that was the year), don’t remember what month, my first grade class was on I’ve Got A Secret, presenting a Thanksgiving Pageant. We had kids as pilgrims & Indians, some had speaking lines, some didn’t. There was one boy who was an Indian who wouldn’t take his shirt off. Garry Moore looked over & said, “Looks like we have an Indian with a cold chest”. I was that boy. After the show was over, all the kids were given presents, the girls got a doll & the boys got plastic Knight’s armor, shield, sword, chest plate & helmet.
Our teacher was Miss Macy. The school was Washington Elementary in Union Township, NJ (07083)

Ed Hamtil

Thanks, Ed!