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I’m looking for a specific episode, where can I get it?

Update: See How to Buy an Episode of “I’ve Got a Secret”!

I get a lot of these emails, and unfortunately I don’t have a good answer. The first most obvious way is to simply wait until the episode airs (if IGaS is currently airing, of course). The second way is by getting a copy from someone, or trading tapes for an episode. Naturally if you are going to trade then you’ll need to have a copy of something the other person wants in return, so that’s not a good option for a lot of people just trying to find a single episode. The third way is to try to buy an episode. You might be able to ask around and get someone to send you a copy, but I don’t know anything about that. One person was able to purchase an episode of To Tell the Truth on VHS from “American Media.” The price was a little high, however — $300! So if three hundred dollars is out of your price range (it’s certainly out of mine!), then you’ll have to try one of the other options. There might be some other ways, but there are very few episodes I need, so I haven’t really looked very hard.


Can you send me a copy of an episode? Do you trade tapes?

No, sorry. You can request a youtube clip by posting a comment here, though.


I need to find out when a certain episode aired, where do I look?

Update: Check out our Episode Guide!

Well if you know who the celebrity guest was, you might want to check the kinescopes.com IGaS page:


Just use the “Find” feature on your browser (Ctrl-F). It’s a great list, but it doesn’t have much extra information. If you don’t know who the celebrity guest was, but have an idea of what happened in the episode, try this method:

  1. Visit the GSN Classics forum
  2. Click on “search” at the top of the page
  3. Type in your keywords (you might want one of them to be the word “secret”)
  4. Select “Show results as posts” (IMPORTANT!)
  5. Leave everything else as-is and click on “Perform Search”

Most of the results will probably be for the “ Bw Overnight Review!!!!!!!!!!” thread (which is what you want). That’s a very long thread started by tom3, and continued by bossradio93. It’s a great thread with descriptions for all of the B&W Overnight shows that have been on since the thread was started. The reason it’s important to choose “Show results as posts” is because if you don’t do that each result will be a link to the main thread–not the individual posts. You will probably see something like this:

Thread: Bw Overnight Review!!!!!!!!!!
Post: Black & White Overnight Report

It will also have other information including a preview of the post. Click on the “Post” title, not the “Thread” title. This way it will go directly to the page you’re looking for. Otherwise you would have to look through over one hundred pages of posts. The keywords you used will be highlighted in red, so look for those. Otherwise you can just use the “Find” feature in your browser to jump right to the keywords. If you don’t have success you might want to modify your keywords a bit and try again. That is the method I use all the time when I need to find out an airdate.


I tried those methods, and I still can’t find it. Can I ask you?

Sorry, but I really don’t have time to look for episodes anymore. I would simply be using the above methods anyway. You can try asking on the GSN forum, there are a lot of people there and they might be able to help.


I want to be on the Oxygen version of IGaS, where do I sign up?

As far as I know, the Oxygen version ended in 2001, so they’re not accepting submissions. I have no idea if it will be revived again, especially because this site really doesn’t focus on that version. Try visiting the Oxygen website or emailing them directly for more information.


What’s the name of the IGaS theme song?

Well, the first one was called “Plink, Plank, Plunk.” It was used the longest, from 1952-1961 and was composed by Leroy Anderson.

More info from Tom Jurek: “I believe Anderson wrote it especially for the program. Anderson’s other credits include Sleigh Ride Syncopated Clock (used for the ‘Early Show’ Movie in many markets) and the Typewriter Song.”

For a LOT of information on all of the theme songs, visit this site:



How did they do the credits and “secret” overlays?

The answer was posted on the GSN forum by Oy-85:

“How they did credits back then is a method called superimposition. They have a camera aimed at a black roll of paper with white letters on it. Then the switcher keys the letters over the picture. Sometimes, either there’s insufficient lighting, the letters are faded, or the video engineer didn’t tweak the picture out right.”


What were the episodes stored (preserved) on?

They were saved on black-and-white kinescopes. That includes the color episodes of IGaS. It was too expensive to store them in color, so even episodes that were originally filmed/aired in color can only been seen in black and white. That’s why It Happened to Jane is so special. It’s one of the only videos of IGaS in color (possibly the only one).


Where do you get all your information on the show?

A lot of it is simply from watching the show. I also have a bunch of TV Guides, and there’s some good stuff in there. Other websites provide some information, and best of all, other people. There have been people who actually research this stuff at the library who have emailed me and corrected or added things on this site. The original airdates were provided by GSN when they aired the episodes.


I’ve heard people talk about some “animal incident.” What was that all about?

Well there are two that come to mind:

Number one is when a wombat “went number one” on Garry (August 13, 1958). During that show the second secret was Durward Kirby singing in Betsy’s bathtub. He was splashing around, and got a lot of water on the stage. Garry took off his shoes and socks and put his feet in the tub too. The next secret was a woman whose secret was “I have 38 animals living with me in my house.” She had a llama, kangaroo, sheep, etc. During the questioning each one came out one by one. After the questioning was over Garry wanted to show everyone the wombat. He walked over to it and picked it up, holding it up to the camera. Immediately the audience started screaming and laughing. You really couldn’t see what was happening because the camera framing was too high. Garry was still in bare feet, too! The woman explained that it was probably because of all the water on stage. At home all of the animals were “trained.”

Number two is when a cow named Buttercup “went number two” on stage (December 2, 1959). Jayne was the special guest that night, and was making Bess go through all the things that she (Jayne) had to go through when she was a panelist. One of those things was milking a cow. Just as Bess was about to milk the cow, Garry saw the cow’s tail go up, and quickly pulled Bess away while yelling, “Take her off! Take her off!” Garry and Bess stood in front of the cow trying to block her from the camera as the stagehands pulled her offstage! You could still see what was happening though.

There was also an incident with an armadillo and Garry, but that was on To Tell the Truth, not IGaS.

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