More YouTube links being added

I’m in the process of collecting as many links as I can to YouTube videos of specific IGaS episodes or show segments and adding those links to the episode guide. Several dozen such links to videos have been added to the guide already. If you like, you can post here to inform me of additional YouTube links, although I may already be aware of them and have simply not got around to them yet. I also have the capacity to add videos. If you’ve ever written to this site because you or your relatives appeared on the show on a specific date, and there is not already a YouTube video of that episode, I hope to be able to provide one in the near future.

Note from Christine

My 4 sisters and I were on the Jan 1 show, 1958! We had our braids cut off by 5 top hairstylists in New York City! We were a singing group and performed a short number on the show, with my proud Dad accompanying us! I believe we could say that we were the FIRST MAKEOVERS on television!!! They cut and styled our hair in about 20 min. My sisters and I always had long braids and this was our first professional haircut and styling!
Now, all these years later, all 5 of us would love to have another makeover!

Christine Hayden (# 4 out of the 5 Singing Hayden Sisters!)

Thanks, Christine!

Quick note from Ed, who appeared on IGaS

In 1954, (I believe that was the year), don’t remember what month, my first grade class was on I’ve Got A Secret, presenting a Thanksgiving Pageant. We had kids as pilgrims & Indians, some had speaking lines, some didn’t. There was one boy who was an Indian who wouldn’t take his shirt off. Garry Moore looked over & said, “Looks like we have an Indian with a cold chest”. I was that boy. After the show was over, all the kids were given presents, the girls got a doll & the boys got plastic Knight’s armor, shield, sword, chest plate & helmet.
Our teacher was Miss Macy. The school was Washington Elementary in Union Township, NJ (07083)

Ed Hamtil

Thanks, Ed!

Full episode of I’ve Got a Secret with original commercials from Feb 9/56, guests are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

I\’ve Got a Secret, Feb 8, 1956

New “show experience” posted

Paul tells his story about being on IGaS.

Thanks, Paul!

Garry Moore on “What’s My Line?”

Thanks to Bob Forrest for sending the link! Here’s another appearance:

Video: Garry Moore Winston commercials

Bob F. sent along this link to some old cigarette commercials featuring Garry Moore:

Garry Moore Winston commercials

Thanks, Bob!

I’ve Got a Secret on DVD along with Beat the Clock

For those of you looking for official DVDs of I’ve Got a Secret, here’s another! Unfortunately it’s only two episodes, but it also has two episodes of Beat the Clock. According to a review, one of the IGaS episodes has Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, which means it must be this episode. If anyone owns this dvd, please post a description of the other episode in the comments.

New photo of Garry Moore

Just got this email:

Attached is a picture of my father and Gary Moore in 1956 when my father was on I Got a Secret. He is holding up 4 fingers because his secret was that he just had his 4th set of Twins. It is my understanding that no one guessed his secret.

David Walsh

See photo here

Thanks, David!

Garry Moore excerpt in “Fear on Trial”

Sent in by John Moore:

Several years ago, I found an old copy of John Henry Faulk’s book “Fear On Trial,” which has several pages devoted to Garry Moore’s testimony in support of Mr. Faulk. I don’t have the book anymore, but you can read part of it at Google Books.

Thanks, John!