Interview with “Senga Niprut” (the “Finnish” Girl!) is up!

vlcsnap-5282654One of my favorite secrets from the show, and I got to speak with the star! I also added a few screenshots to the transcript page.

If you have any comments, please leave them on the interview page, rather than this post.

Read the Interview

Video: Groucho Marx on IGaS, 1959

Video: Henry Morgan on Letterman, 1982

Not the most fascinating interview, he mostly just talks about his divorce and all the money they’re trying to collect, but it’s interesting if you’re a fan of Henry’s.

Video: Very early IGaS episode (6th or 7th)!

Thanks to CaseyAbell for pointing out that this clip was on youtube!

IGaS episode guide up!

Thanks to Richard Carson, we now have an episode guide up! He did a ton of work on it, and was kind enough to let it be mirrored here — which can be updated by other people, if anyone wants to help complete it! You can see it here:

Video: IGaS panel is the mystery guest on “What’s My Line?”

Video: Garry Moore remembers “I’ve Got a Secret” (1984)

Welcome to IGaSol version 3.0! Now interactive!

I know I’ve barely touched this site in years, and it really bothered me, but I just couldn’t dedicate much time to it. With this new version, updates are really quick and easy to do, the pages are better organized, there’s a search function, and best of all, YOU can add content to the site! Every page has a comment form, so you can add your thoughts directly to the page, and if you’d like to actually write an article or transcript, I can give you privileges to do so! So please contact me if you’d like to contribute anything! It was a lot of work to overhaul the whole site a third time, but I hope it’ll be worth it. This means the links have changed, so if you’re linking to a specific page on this site, please update your links (the old links go to a page that suggests a new link to the user).

There are a couple new transcripts up, which were almost ready years ago, but missing pictures. They’re still not entirely finished, so if you’d like to help out, let me know. The new ones are Jokes by Bill Cullen and Quadruple Cross with Phil Silvers!

A new interview is coming soon with a guest who was on IGaS with Garry Moore! I was really excited to get to speak with her, as she was involved in one of my favorite secrets of all time!

I hope you enjoy the new site, and please add your own comments to any page! Again, if you’d like to write any articles, please contact me! I’d also love to hear your feedback on the site, and if you find any broken links let me know in the comments.

Henry Morgan radio shows for download!

A while back willettd sent me a whole bunch of Henry Morgan mp3 files. They’re old radio shows he did in the late forties. Not all of them are labelled, but most of them are. They hold up fairly well, and are pretty funny, but even when the jokes fall flat Henry’s commentary is funny, and they’re interesting to hear. I put them all up in a directory, so you can browse and download at your leisure:

IGaS on (homemade) DVDs for sale!

Bob sends this message:

Hey Tommy, i thought you might like to know that Thomas Film Classics, has a LOT of IGAS on DVD, i contacted them and bought them all for about $130 including shipping, the quality is excellent altho you can see they were originally taped off of black and white overnight, but who cares? Well worth checking out!

Thanks Bob! That is a bit pricey, but Vol. 1 claims it contains 39 episodes, so that’s about a dollar per episode if you’d like to think of it that way. It takes a lot of clicks to actually navigate to the IGaS store, but you should be able to get straight to the IGaS section with this link. Three volumes are currently available, and they also have some other game shows if you’re interested.