Accordion World Champion

Original Airdate: 10/16/1961
Panel: Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson
Host: Garry Moore
Guest: Donald Hulme

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Length: 4:12


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Garry and Donald

Garry and Donald


Garry Moore: By the way, you accordion buffs, [it] will be interesting to note, that for the first time anywhere, you are going to be seeing an accordion that is amplified, yes, but not by direct wire to the speaker. The speaker is off stage, and he has some sort of an electronic gizmo…
Donald Hulme: Remote control.
Garry: Remote control. (shrug) Something new for accordionists. Now what he’s going to play now is [?????????] Czardas.

(plays song)

Donald Close up
Close up Donald

Donald plays the accordion

Garry points to buttons

Garry points to buttons

Garry and Donald

Garry and Donald

Garry: Now I want to show you something extraordinary. As accomplished as he is, he has long been dissatisfied with one limitation of the standard accordion, which is, that you cannot choose and select, or create, is the word, your own chords. You press one of these buttons, and you automatically get a three-tone chord.
Donald: A fixed chord.
Garry: A fixed chord, and you can’t invert it if you so desire…
Donald: Or change it, in any way.
Garry: Or change it. So he invented one of his own, in which each button is independent so he can create his own chords. How many buttons did you add to the standard accordion?
Donald: About forty.
Garry: You added about forty.
Donald: There’s 160 now.
Garry: So this works, in effect, kind of like a piano, you see.
Donald: It’s the same principle.
Garry: Same principle, so if you think his left hand was busy the last time, watch his left hand this time, as he plays a portion of Franz Liszt’s Spanish Rhapsody.

(plays song on his invented accordion)

New accordion Close up

Donald’s invented accordion and a close up of the added keys



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