Great Feats

Original Airdate: 01/29/64
Panel: Bess Myerson, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, and Bill Cullen
Host: Garry Moore
Guests: Norman Paris and others

Opening Comments
This is an episode all about great feats. They all have to do with numbers of things. This really isn’t a transcript, I don’t have any of the questioning here, because the questions weren’t important at all. It was all about the acts.


First a man came out who could play two trumpets at the same time!

Two Trumpets

Two Trumpets

…and three…
Three Trumpets

Three Trumpets

Yes, and even four!
Trumpet Text

“I play 4 trumpets at the same time”

Four Trumpets

Four Trumpets


Punching Bags
Next was a 70-year-old man who could keep FIVE punching bags going at the same time! One with each hand, one with each knee, and one with his head! Takes him a few tries, but he does it. He said the music was too loud.

Five Punching Bags

Five Punching Bags


Norman Paris
Next the musical director for IGaS, Norman Paris, plays a piano duet…with “himself!” He wrote a piece and had someone transcribe it for an automatic piano. Then he played along at the same time, on the same piano.


Garry Moore and Norman Paris

Piano Close-up

Norman playing the piano


An old guest returns. Last time he smoked six cigars at the same time and whistled! This time he’s back to beat his old record, and can now smoke TEN cigars and whistle!

Ten Cigars

Smoking ten cigars and whistling

At the end of the show Henry tries to smoke some pencils and whistle as Garry says goodnight!

Henry Morgan smoking pencils

Henry smoking pencils



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  1. Tommy Gun says:

    This was a very cool episode, and Henry smoking the pencils was hilarious!

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