The “Finnish” Girl

Update: Also see our interview with “Senga”!

Original Airdate: ??
Panel: Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Henry Morgan, and ??
Host: Garry Moore
Guest: Senga Niprut and translator

vlcsnap-5282654This is one of the best secrets I’ve ever seen! Normally the best secrets are at the end with the celebrity guest, but not this one! This was the very first secret. This is what happened:

A girl and a woman came out and sat down. Garry introduced the girl, her name was “Senga Niprut.” Garry said that the woman next to Senga was named Harriet, and she was from Finland. He said that she would be “serving as an interpreter for Miss Niprut. She will be translating the questions into Finnish for Senga.”

Garry asked Senga some questions, which Harriet then translated. He asked, “when did you arrive?” Harriet translated it into Finnish, and then Senga answered into the microphone. Harriet said, “She arrived yesterday.” Garry asked another question, and then had Senga whisper her secret to Harriet. Senga’s secret was:

“I’m speaking English…BACKWARDS!”

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Top Secret,” then you may know why I loved this one so much. There is a scene in the movie where they filmed it, and then played it backwards, so it sounded like they were speaking some foreign language. Also, if you remember the language that “Leeloo” spoke in “The Fifth Element,” well it sort of sounded like that.

So the normal game ensued, and Harriet translated, and Senga answered. Then came Henry’s turn: “Are you speaking Finnish or Swedish?”
Garry: “Would you please ask that in the form of a yes or no question?”
Henry: “Nah, I’m not interested.”

vlcsnap-5283166Whew! The audience laughed a bunch.

When it gets to Bill’s turn, he says, “I’ve been waiting for this…how long have we been on, eight years? I’ve been waiting for a spot like this for eight years!” and then says some sentence in Finnish! The buzzer goes off like crazy, and Garry is waving his arms for more buzzing!

Garry: “Well friends, I’m afraid that’s all the time we’ve got for questioning!”
Bill: “…but…but I didn’t get my answer…”
Garry: “What did you say, Bill?”
[Bill repeats the sentence in Finnish]
Garry: “and what does that mean?”
Henry: “If I can take a wild guess, it means neither of them speaks Finnish!”

Then Garry says, “well actually, Senga has been studying English in school, if I could have Harriet ask Senga to tell us what her secret is, in English.” Harriet says something in Finnish to Senga. Senga leans down to the mic, and in perfect English tells them, “I have been speaking English…backwards, all evening.”

vlcsnap-5279080Garry then says, “Senga Niprut is Agnes Turpin, and she is from Eromitlab, Dnalyram, better known to you as Baltimore, Maryland!”

Betsy: “Did she just arrive here?!”
Garry: “From Baltimore, yes!”

Panelist (I forget whom): “What has the translator been speaking?”
Garry: “She has been speaking Finnish.”
Bill: “Forwards or backwards?”
Garry: “It doesn’t make any difference, because she hasn’t been able to understand anything that Agnes was saying, and Agnes couldn’t understand anything she was saying!”



2 Responses to “The “Finnish” Girl”

  1. Tommy Gun says:

    It seems like a really dirty trick, which it sort of was, but they NEVER said that Senga was from Finland, and all they said was that Harriet would be translating into Finnish; they never said Senga could understand it, or that she couldn’t understand English! This one was so clever! I’ve already watched it around five times just to write out this transcript. Which, by the way, was not complete, nor was it entirely word-for-word accurate. It’s pretty close though. I left out most of the normal questioning, obviously. If you missed this one, you REALLY missed out!

  2. Kay Carol Sites says:

    This is my sister, who lives in Texas now. I had forgotten all about her being on this show! Really cool!

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