The World’s Smallest Radio

Original Airdate: ??
Panel: Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, ??, ??
Host: Garry Moore
Guest: Bernard George

Opening Comments
A man came on named Bernard George. Garry introduced him as the Chief Engineer of the Minitone Electronics Corporation. The man took out a tiny object, a radio. He held it up to the microphone, and turned it on. You could hear static, then some murmuring, and then some beeping. As Garry explained, there was a lot of interference because of all the cameras and electronics in the studio. So Garry asked him to whisper his secret:

“That was not a real radio”
“I made those sounds —

So the normal questioning goes on, and they aren’t even CLOSE. They keep going for the electronics secret. So after getting nowhere, it’s time to tell his secret.

Garry: “Before I tell you his secret, there is something I’d like to show you. Betsy, do you remember before the show, someone came in and we asked you to loan us your wristwatch? Join us center stage, and I’d like you to take a look at your watch…I’ve got news for you, the works have been taken out! Mr. George has put in a radio even smaller than the one he had there!”

At this point a microphone came down from the ceiling, and Mr. George “turned on” the “watch-radio.” You could hear some talking coming from “the radio.” Betsy exclaimed, “I like it even better than the watch!”

Garry: “You still don’t know what his secret is?!”
Bill: “I do! He is a sneaky ventriloquist!”

Garry explained that the company they said he worked for was nonexistent, and then said that when Mr. George is on the subway during the World Series, he would sit there and pretend his watch was a radio. Garry asked him to make some of the baseball noises. Mr. George pretended to fiddle with his watch while saying some stuff like “…and he hits it into left field! A runner is rounding second….”

Garry: “And then people all over the subway come up and say, ‘what’s the score, what’s the score?!'”

That was about it.



2 Responses to “The World’s Smallest Radio”

  1. Tommy Gun says:

    This one was a total scam, because they really lied about the radio and the company. It was great to see Betsy’s expression when she saw her watch turned into a radio, though!

  2. Bill Johnson says:

    Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson were the other panelists

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