“I Have Carrots In My Ears”

Original Airdate: 8/24/60
Panel: Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson
Host: Garry Moore
Guest: Gloria Swanson

This was just a short post about the episode, but I will transcribe the whole line of questions when I go back through my tapes.

The episode started out with Garry talking about a magazine article that stated that Betsy never guessed any secrets. Betsy came out of the soundproof room, and they only let Betsy play the first game. The man who came out had huge carrots sticking out of his ears, and his secret was, “I have carrots in my ears.” Betsy didn’t guess the secret. Garry then said, “well I guess we’ll never find out your secret!” and the man left.

In the article I read, Garry said they had a whole band backstage or something, and confetti that would come down “when” Betsy guessed the secret.

That was great!



Original Article
Here is the article in which I read about this episode originally:


Here is the section about the carrots, but the article has a lot more.

On another occasion, Betsy figured in a secret that resulted from a TV Guide story. The magazine writer had described her as a beautiful girl and a fine actress but a terrible panelist because she never guessed anybody’s secret. One night Garry turned the entire questioning over to her for a contestant who walked onstage with carrots sticking out of both ears. He whispered to Garry, naturally enough, “I have carrots sticking out of both ears.”

“We had this really set up,” said Feldman with a laugh. “We had a band hidden in the wings that was slated to march on stage playing a victory song as soon as Betsy guessed the secret. We had cheerleaders, confetti– the works. But Betsy didn’t guess it. When we finally told her the secret she wailed, “I thought of that! But then I decided it was just too obvious.”


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