IGaS Welcome Letter

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We are all very pleased to have you with us tonight, and we hope you will enjoy yourself and have a memorable experience. We want you to feel “at home”, and if it appears that we are ignoring you at times, it is only because we are busy with other segments of the show. We will get to you shortly.

Before the show goes on the air, Miss Kay Lloyd will give you two copies of our standard release form and ask you to sign them. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask her.

The following may answer some of your questions about the show:

We have a rehearsal without the panel, of course. This rehearsal is necessary to plan camera shots and to show you, the contestants, and our celebrity guest, how the game is played and how you are to make your exits and entrances. In order to make the rehearsal complete, we have four “stand-ins” at rehearsal to take the place of the panel.

If you have brought any guests to rehearsal with you, please ask them to sit in the audience. It is extremely important that only people connected directly with the program be in the backstage area.

The show goes on the air at 9:30 PM. We rehearse from now until 8:30 PM. The regular panel is not allowed into the theater until 9:00 PM. Please refrain from discussing your secret within earshot of the panel. If there is anything about your costume or appearance that may be a clue to your secret, please remain concealed from the panel entrance area backstage — which is the stagedoor entrance across to their desk.

We usually have time to rehearse your portion of the show twice. When you are told to go out on stage, walk out to Garry Moore, sit down close to him, and speak up loud. When Garry asks you to whisper the secret to him, you do not have to actually whisper, since he knows it already, and the microphones in front of you may pick up your whispering. Just pretend you’re whispering to him. The “stand-in” panel will ask questions about your secret, like the panel does on the show, to give you an idea how to answer. Of course, the questions won’t be exactly the same, since we don’t know what our regular panel will ask, but it will give you some idea. Please answer the questions simply and honestly. If you have any doubt about the correct answer, Garry will be right there to help you out. And when your secret is finally disclosed and if Garry asks you how it happened, or the facts concerning your secret, please be very brief. Just give the main facts in a few sentences.

Because of a television policy, we must pay you your winnings in “play money”, while you are on the show. Garry will give you $20 in “play money” each time a panelist fails to guess your secret. However, we will send you a check for your winnings next week.

For the women: The ladies on our panel wear simple, street make-up. So, if you are wearing your regular make-up, it is perfectly fine.

If you have any other questions about anything, Judy Crichton, Kay Lloyd or anyone else on the staff will be glad to help you.

Don’t be nervous, for there is nothing to be nervous about. After we have rehearsed, you will see how simple it is.

So enjoy yourself — and thank you again for consenting to appear on our show.

                    I’VE GOT A SECRET

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