It Happened to Jane (movie)

Directed By: Richard Quine
Written By: Norman Katkov
Release Year: 1959
Classification: Comedy
Main Cast: Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs

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Length: 1:10


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Movie Summary
Doris Day Credit Title Logo

Doris Day credit — Title Logo

Update: On Feb. 22, 2005 it was released on DVD! Help support this site by ordering it from Amazon with the link below.

You really don’t need to know the plot since these pictures are of the IGaS scene only, but if you’re curious: Jane Osgood is the main character, played by Doris Day. She runs a lobster business, and on her first big shipment, the lobsters are all killed. The railroad company lets them sit for two days, instead of delivering them like they were supposed to. It is clearly their fault, so they offer to pay Jane $700 to cover the dead lobsters. Jane’s business is basically ruined because of this deal, and she refuses to accept the $700. So she goes on to fight Harry Foster Malone, the owner of the E & P Railroad. She gets national attention, and that’s why she appears on IGaS.

If you would like to read a more complete summary, and get more info on the movie, check out this article from It is listed that Bess Myerson also appeared in the film, but I never saw her, so I emailed them and asked. This is the response I received from Ralph:

“She was in a show called ‘The Big Payoff.’ In the original version [of ‘It Happened To Jane’], I remember seeing her, but when I saw it on TV she was missing.”

Also, for anyone who is interested, Gene Rayburn makes an appearance in the movie as well.

Panel credits

Panel credits


I’ve Got a Secret Scene
Jane walks in

Jane walks in

Garry and Jane

Garry and Jane


The Panel

Garry Moore: Now then, panel, I’m not going to ask this young lady to reveal her correct name to us, because if we knew her name, we would know her secret. So we will simply call her “Miss X.” Now Miss X, if you’ll whisper your secret to me, we’ll reveal it to the folks at home.


Secret on screen


Garry Moore: Panel, I think I must say that ordinarily we would not accept such a secret on our show, but I’ve been talking a great deal to this young lady backstage, and I tell you, by golly I think she’s RIGHT!

Harry Foster Malone watches TV

Harry Foster Malone watches TV

Harry Foster Malone: I want that man barred from my railroad for life.

Garry Moore: Now we’ll start the questioning with Bill Cullen please.

Bill Cullen: Uh, ma’am, this male that you’re involved with, is he human?

Jane Osgood: He certainly is not.

Bill Cullen: Is it something like a snake or a baboon or something like that?

Jane Osgood: Worse!

(Harry Foster Malone talks a bunch in this part, so you can’t really hear what the panel is saying)

Jayne Meadows: Do you have a romantic attachment with this man?

Jane Osgood: I certainly have NOT!

Garry Moore: Jayne, take your blindfold off and take a look.

Jayne Meadows: Oh, it’s you! And I know EXACTLY what you mean, I hate him too.

Garry Moore: All right, let’s go to Henry Morgan please.

Henry Morgan: It isn’t ME, is it?

Jane Osgood: No.

Harry Foster Malone: (on the phone) Get me Garry Moore on CBS. Yeah, RIGHT NOW. Be sure to tell him it’s me.

Wide shot

Wide shot of the set

Garry Moore: Oh, thank you. Excuse me panel, just a moment.

Phone call for Garry Garry on the phone

Garry on the phone

Garry Moore: (on phone) Hello? This is Garry Moore. Yup. Hey! Hey that’s great! Yeah, I’ll tell everybody!


Panel, Henry blindfolded

Garry and Jane on TV

Garry and Jane on TV

Henry Morgan: Garry, I know who it’s gotta be.

Garry Moore: Henry, you can take your blindfold off. I have just this moment talked to Harry Foster Malone, president of the E & P railroad. He is canceling her rent, and he has given her the train!

(lots of applause, then Jane walks offstage)

Jane leaves

Jane walks offstage



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  1. Tommy Gun says:

    One of the oddest things in this scene is that you can actually hear Jane whisper her secret to Garry (at least partially). On the real show you never hear the guests whisper their secrets.

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