Panel Introductions

? In some of the episodes, Garry introduces the panel in some strange way. I will transcribe some of the funnier/more creative ones eventually. For now, here is how they introduced themselves.


On the season finale of 1963, Garry decided to let the panel introduce themselves (Ruby Dee was subbing for Bess). Here is what they said (MANY thanks to daysleeper for writing these out for me, because on that particular day my current tape was mysteriously at the END, so I missed the intros while I was rewinding):

The introductions, written on notecards read by each panelist, were as follows:

BILL: First and foremost, sitting in the #1 chair, the brilliant young television personality…handsome Bill Cullen.

BETSY: Next, it is with great pride that I introduce the glamorous, sophisticated young actress…Miss Betsy Palmer.

HENRY: (tearing up notecard to ad lib own introduction) Next, for reasons which are still not quite clear to us…here is Henry Morgan.

RUBY: While Bess Myerson is in California for the Tournament of Roses Parade, we are delighted to have sitting in for her, the frightened young actress of stage, screen, and daytime television…nervous Ruby Dee.

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